Which order do you accomplish your tasks? Due date? Importance? Fun making it?

Zah E.
Hey, stranger! Thanks for the question. Usually, it's due date. And importance. If a task has a really close deadline to the day I'm currently going through, I'd try to finish the task before the due date. Cause, even if I'm such a deadliner, I'm still trying (hopefully my best) to conquer my bad habits and do the work early, so I won't get overwhelmed with the deadline. A little portion of the work finished each days before the deadline is what I'm chasing. I hope I can do it, I'm handling two big works currently. I'm hoping you the best in your life. I wish you happiness and peacefulness.

Flavie Z.
I tend to go for importance first, as in the next day or within the next week if it's a longer project, then if time allows before a next deadline, I fit in fun stuff.

Alison F.
I make a schedule. To balance it out. Due date/ importance first for the most part though…while still balancing having some fun sometimes for the benifit of enjoying it.

Idaira Z.
I usually do them with deadlines or as they come. I sometime try to set my own deadline if there isn't any provided. I usually do easy/fun/quick things at the very beginning or at the very end, or days I'm low on Energy (so I can leave more time for other things).

Cody U.
I try to get them done in order that's why I've organised them in a fashion that is more likely for me to get them checked

Lenny O.
I tend to procrastinate, so usually it’s due date. I’m working on starting with importance, but I like to sprinkle in the fun tasks to keep my motivation up!

Sh Qua N.
I lack so much discipline that I usually try to conquer everything at once and end up overwhelmed 🤦🏽‍♀️. Sorry I'm no help. Maybe I should try an order ?!

Debbie W.
Urgent tasks first then what’s seems more enjoyable. I know I should prioritise important tasks but sometimes you have to do what you feel like doing.

Mariana A.
I drink water in the morning right when I wake up. Then when I can I plan my day usually after morning class. Then I stretch at the end of the day.

Mona Lisa O.
Routine is important but reality says that I have to do them when I have time in my day.
However, I would say importance tends to reign. But if I have 5 mins and the most important one will take more time I will pull from elsewhere on the list. Then no matter if I accomplished 1 or all in a day I still give myself a pat on the back for progress.

Hector T.
I am a lazy person:-) ! I tend to do the tasks that I hate the most and then move on from there. I do it step by step instead of attacking in all at the same time. It’s easier to set smaller goals than climbing a mountain all at once.I choose 3 that must be absolutely done in the day and then if I can do more , it’s great but if I can’t , It’s ok too.

Cyndi T.
I always start wit a fast easy task, just to give me a sense of accomplishment. Then, I look at due date and importance. I always look at what I’m avoiding in order to see why I am not doing it.

Leana O.
I'd really like to say that I order them due to their importance, but I'm not that organized. I do them based on their due date.

Ganidu E.
I try write to-do list and prioritize them first thing in the morning. Hence, I’ll not be lost and know what should be done after the other.

El Onore Z.
I accomplish my tasks based on order of due date and importance. Don’t neglect responsibilities over fun activities, but do your best to have reserved time to unwind on fun hobbies.

Angelina A.
I'm trying hard to accomplish the most important or most urgent tasks first but I'm easily tired and borde which is why I should combine fun things with the more demanding tasks. Also I struggle with procrastination and dividing big tasks into smaller more easily achievable goals.

George Y.
Well, the order I accomplish my tasks it's different from time to time. Usually, I choose to accomplish those that are important. But all of my tasks have a deadline so I need to schedule them.

Erica Z.
In that order: due date, importance and then fun. If I get the urgent tasks done first, I will enjoy more the fun tasks.

Harvey F.
I try my best to accomplish tasks in order if importance but sometimes it’s just not as convenient. So I make adjustments as I go along. If I happen to be walking by a pile of clothes that needs to be folded which is on my list but I also have to get some school work done I will gage how long the task will take me to complete. If the task is brief and I happen to be right there I will complete the task that is nearby unless there is something pressing such as a due date. If there is a due date that task will take precedent over other tasks especially if the due date is fast approaching.

Manuela G.
I like to spend time on my own – a little glass of wine, great tunes and reminisce about good times. Sometimes a little cry to release and let go and make room for the new you‼️

What defines us is how well we rise after falling …

Fun making it is the way to go …

Gaylene N.
The due date is the overarching factor but completion by priority is also important so you are not cramming to meet deadlines. The fun stuff has to be put on hold or done in moderation to have balance without getting behind on the important things.

Armando U.
I spend 25 mins. in Deep Work. I also break the time up in sections for example, Section 1(25mins.), Section 2, (25 mins), etc. I’m an elderly person so this way works best for me.

Daryl P.
Normally i will do it either by due date but most of the time i just like to do it the day it’s assigned so i will either do the hardest one or the one that will only take a few minutes.

Coco W.
Which ever is most accessible at the moment to gain momentum. It's usually a combination of accessibility and importance.

Heather E.
Importance. Although I tend to procrastinate on items I really don't want to do. I will work on a different task(that is waiting because I didn't want to complete that one either) before working on the current task I want to procrastinate on. It works out in the end, but I would decrease my stress if I'd just get these things out of the way instead of delaying doing them. How can I stress over getting it done if I finish it early?

Arna U.
I personally go with hard to easy, but if you have a hard time doing work in one place I suggest your go by easy to hard.
For example : If I have a hw due today at 12 and a report to grab from hospital + a commission for my shop. I'll go report from hospital as it is important, hw which is due and then will focus on commission! Hope this helps ^^

Sarah P.
I typically try and make my to- do list in order of importance and by due date. I tend to just run through the list and throughout the day items get completed out of order or not at all. In trying to focus on completing my daily to-do list each day.

Najoua R.
I take care of the biggest task first this way, by midday I feel that I already accomplished the hardest tasks & I stay motivated for the rest .. but of course prioritizing is very important ! The fun is not always present .. sometimes the tasks are not fun at all but checking done by the end of the day on all your task is an amazing feeling (better than fun)

Sebastian E.
I'm planning my tasks. Firstly write everything down, then filter by due date, importance, energy level I should waste on the task. And after I create for each task this criteria I make an order and plan particular task on the particular slot in my calendar

Trine N.
I try to give myself one fun task for every two boring tasks. I also try to feel what kind of energy the tasks give me – I know I am good in the morning, so I plan to take care of the most difficult tasks when I know my energylevels are right.
After lunch I fade out, so That’s where I place the more manuel, triviel tasks – to keep myself from burning out.

מיקלה ביאנקי N.
I'm accomplishing my tasks in a way that everyday i accomplish at least one task. It's very fun making it because at the end of the day you have that great feeling that you did today something to yourself that is very helpful and will promote you 🙂

Janka T.
I accomplish them by importance and date. I think these two az equal. First I do all my tasks for the next day, and then I do the most important ones (obviously not those that are for tomorrow because they are already done)

Emily P.
due date bcos i get too anxious but always remembering the fun making it, importance is out of th picture for me because to me, fun making it = important!

Sara P.
I like to start my day by accomplishing one task that is easy to complete to get the ball rolling. Then I try to alternate between tasks that take more energy or have impending due dates, and other tasks that take less energy and are faster to accomplish. That way I don't feel as bogged down by the big things and I have constant reminders that I can finish things. The smaller tasks also usually require me to get up from my desk to complete which gives my brain a moment to refresh and means I move my body more.

Tyra Y.
I just try to complete as many as I can. If they’re all pretty similar I’ll usually just work my way down a list. If some are harder I first do the easy tasks to get started and then I try to break down the bigger tasks so they don’t feel so overwhelming. If something needs to be done that day I try to focus on it, maybe even letting some other things go to the next day. I do get things done if there’s a deadline, but I’m usually a more proficient procrastinator and have a hard time doing things “on time” so I push it to the last second and complete it. I get pretty stressed by that, but it’s reoccurring. I’m working on it by setting smaller, more achievable goals. Recently I’ve begun setting goals for each day. One thing that, if completed, will satisfy me enough for the day. I’ll have done enough for that day. It gives me a focus. It’s worked great so far!

Farzaneh Q.
Well… I would do it by due date 📅 and then importance… because somethings are not important but you don't have much time to do it so you have to do it as soon as possible.. while you have some important stuff to do that although they are really important, you got plenty of time to do it.. so it can wait for later!😁
But if there is no deadline for the things you do.. I prefer to do them based on the level of importance. Doing the thing that you enjoy as the first thing.. could be really fun.. but then, when you look at all the important stuff that you left for later.. you are going to feel siiick!! So.. what I usually do is that when I have done the most important tasks I prize myself with doing something I like!😊🙃😉

Kristina Z.
Besides making sure I've added realistic habits on my list for my wakeup,work&bedtime routine I keep in mind what's most beneficial in order to accomplish my goals and make my day the best I can.just in case I get interrupted or something comes up,I save some of the longer tasks for time I know I won't be interrupted!

Heather E.
I actually try and do the things I least like first. But I have noticed since I started this that I put things that are more "automatic " first. Cat care, make bed, dishes, etc.

Virginia O.
I schedule them in order of value for the day. Sttetch is first and then later in the day is evercise. Sometimes that makes me lazy st yhat time of day. I might change stretch and exercise early mornings

Kys N.
It can often be based on whats the easiast thing to do. Even tho thats not clever at all. I struggle with turning in my assigment at the right time

Gaylene N.
I prioritize by importance and always complete by due dates. Sometimes if time is short other tasks get sacrificed to ensure deadlines are met.

Margarita U.
I usually order them by fastest to complete, if it is something that is already past the deadline. If it is not past due I order task by most important. Or the tasks that I have the least amount of time to complete will go first. Lately nothing has been done on time or to 100% completion. It’s either the task will be partially complete or past due. I believe if I plan for the week instead of the day I will be more successful.

Gloria I.
I don't really have an order nor do I have a due date. All of the tasks that I have is important for me and I always find a way to make them fun

Nanna Z.
Importance i suppose, but mixed with some pleasure. Otherwise its not as rewarding. I want to feel accomplished spiritually as well as practically

Querubim Q.
I accomplish the tasks in order of the things I have the most trouble doing. This way, I can get multiple reminders for it. I don’t have many spaces to make tasks but it is nice having something to remind me to get my work done. This also helps me get through my day with things that might be considered easy to do but hard for me.

Lena N.
A mixture of all. I sort them by day and try to start with a fun one. Then I’ll do the important ones. Whenever I feel like just stopping and lying around I’ll do another fun task 😊

L Rke N.
I like to make my tasks fun but up to due date to make sure I get them done. I wouldn't do it to importance because that will give you stress about making sure you complete it because its important when things don't need to be stressy.

Andy U.
I never do a task midway. I always accomplish my tasks one after the other. I make it fun by pretending I finally have my dream job, and that my boss has given me a very important task that has to be done fast. Best of luck to you!

Julia A.
I prioritise according to due date but I've learnt to stop taking on new tasks until I have made sufficient progress on my important tasks and can start ticking things off.

Anast Cio P.
from the morning till the night i complete the little tasks, i see them as little challenges to make me feel better in my mental health, the importance is that everything has time for everything

Johan G.
Personally for me, I just write the top three things I need/want to do in a day, unless I have more than three things I must do (I'm a student by the way, so this might not work for everyone). My mom said you can do three things effectively in a day. For example, today I put fill out the FAFSA (financial aid stuff), take the test that's due today, and listen to a recorded lecture. If this all takes me less than 8 hours, I can pick another task. If I've done stuff for 8 hours, and I finished the test due today, I'm done for the day! Hope this helps 🙂

Ma A Z.
When I have some important tasks with due dates I do them first, like homework or exam prep. But when nothing is that important, I think about what is the most practical way to do as much from the list. For example I won't shower before workout and I won't go home after gym if I need to go to grocery shopping too

Isabel X.
I try to do the tasks I hate the most first. But recently I have learned that with ADHD it is better to do the tasks you enjoy first, so you start better.

Brandon O.
it depends i’m trying to transition away from being a procrastinator. So i am often motivated by a due date. and i often prioritize the more fun task. when it’s important and there is no fixed date i often blow it off maybe due to a fear of failure.

Sky A.
I try to list the most important first but the day doesn’t always turn out exactly like I planned so sometimes the order gets jumbled not a big deal as long as everything gets done.

Cherry Y.
I start with the more difficult ones – the ones I'm most likely to put off. The more tired I am, the lower my willpower is, so I save the easier, more enjoyable tasks for later.

Sawyer O.
If it is due the next day or in a hour I am sure to finish that but otherwise I do the most fun tasks first if I am procrastinating

Radita A.
I make a list of 10 things I have to do everyday, and it's a checklist. I don't care when I get those 10 things done, but I know that I have to check all those 10 things off the list. Otherwise I can't go to sleep as I feel unproductive.

Princess P.
I always do tasks by their importance, but all of my tasks are usually important, so I would then go by the deadline. However, if I so find myself in a situation where I have a lot of time in my hands, I would always go to the task that I find the most difficult in, with that I feel a big burden being lifted off of my system, and then I would go to the smaller/easier ones, because they don't put a lot of stress on me, so I treat them as a "Treat" for myself. To give context to my example; I love chicken, I don't care which part of the chicken, just CHICKEN. Anyways, every time I eat a meal and there is chicken in it, I would save the chicken for last and eat the rest first, after all of that I food, I get to savor my favorite. That's how I pretty much do it y'know? As the saying goes "save the best for last".

Ares G N.
There is no correct way to do it… it really depends because change is happening all day, every day. So, I believe is really a mix and match of all tge above…. but always with pacience, open minded, and with compassion with myself.

Bianca N.
Due date and importance! Starting with the most difficult tasks will make you feel soon productive to finish the others. Also, the due date projects will show not only others but yourself too the importance of being responsible and will make you increase your confidence in yourself.

Esther C.
I complete them in the order that I put them in. Unless there’s tasks that need to be met before the next one so I try to make sure that it’s organized in a mandate that makes sense to complete. Often times it depends on priority. Some things need to get done because there’s a due date. In other words, it’s on a case by case basis.

Jacqui E.
It’s a bit of both really- importance can be similar to due date. I focus on priories for that day and day in some fun things each day.

Holli N.
Honestly, it’s hit or miss. I should do it in order of importance and when it’s due but often it’s when I have the energy for a specific task. Doing something is better than doing nothing even if it’s not the biggest task on your list.

Samaa N.
I keep the fun tasks to the end and I accomplish the most important ones first. But if I had a due date task , I do it first

Derrick A.
I usually go with importance and due date first. I try and get the most important or pressing things done first so that I can enjoy the rest of the day/my weekends are free for fun activities instead

Carl W.
I don't do anything… I just watch motivational videos…. If that doesn't help then I don't force myself much cause breaks are also important….

Bilge N.
I do my tasks according to my willingness to participate in that field of work at the moment. Although, I do prioritise the tasks that have a deadline within the week.

Joana S.
Logic. For instance getting up, making the bed. Studying then reading something to relax. Time for a break? Eat some fruit instead of Bread or so.

Tricia X.
All of the above. I am a full time student, full time worker. Each a Sunday, I start out with a calendar view of the next week for when my when homework, work, and personal tasks are due.

I use this calendar to create a real list for each day off the week. (I reevaluate on Fri for the weekend). Each weekday morning I look at the tasks I have assigned myself and highlight the most important or the ones coming due, working on those first.

At the end of the day I reevaluate possibly moving uncompleted tasks to the next day or removing tasks that no longer apply. I also use this time to really think about my time and how much time things take to complete.

Levi E.
Usually I start the things with hard deadlines or business/money attached to them first. After that I check on the tasks that have more delayed gratification, and then just start picking down the list. It all has to get done sometime. Using organizational software is helful, like trello and calendar apps to keep things in one place.

Serenity Y.
Based upon the due date and level of importance. The fun stuff can be scheduled between the importance tasks as a way to break up the monotemous stuff so that you're getting a balance.

Arhontoula N.
What a great question! Well, depends. I accomplish them mostly by importance and fun making it. I have the deadline on the back of my head too though ,so I would say again that it depends.

Gabija E.
After some time of using Fabulous I have decided to accomplish my tasks according to my needs. For example at first I thought that meditating should follow after drinking my water. Now I exercise first and the meditate. This slight change has helped me to perform my work tasks with more concentration.

Salvador J.
All!! It’s all fun making but the moray important part is to have fun and work but you’ll do tasks then due dates then important and improve ment!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Anka Y.
Im trying to start with the task that I least want to do. Therefore I don't procrastinate with other less difficult tasks and then have a reason to don't do the diifult most important task.

Alaa F.
I usually order them by the possibility to make, sometimes I wake up and find my glass of water a d my to-do notebook by my bed, so I get my water and start writing my to-dos even though my to-dos are in my afternoon routine, I go to the kitchen and skip having my daily dose of fruits and vegetables till night sometimes because I didn't find some, and it's totally okay, I go easy on myself so I make sure I never pht myself under pressure and to make sure to make doing my tasks feels easy and not as a hated must to do, i arrange them by time after that, as example after doing my to-dos I check the morning routine and start doing as possible as I can of it. At the end of the day I check my tasks to make sure I do the left ones, I'm working hard to get myself to be more productive but for now this is how I do it hopefully by time I'l be more able to make them more easy to be done by their right timeline ♥️

Charles E.
Time sensitivity/due date first if they are pressing time wise. Then if I have time to chose then by which one I want to do better on. But if I'm lacking motivation then I do the ones that I have the most fun doing as it makes it less of a chore to do.

Nathan C.
By due date, or by how quickly I can complete tasks. Completing a string of short tasks gives me the emotional momentum to keep going into the longer/more daunting tasks

Carolien I.
I start with the hardest ones that I would otherwise tend tot postpone. That way you afterwards get tons of energy because you achieved you're hardest Task. And you do the hardest one when you mentally and physically have the most energy left. After that one, you can do the easier ones.

Molly E.
In a book called 7 habits of highly effective people there is a 4-field chart. One of the axises is used to sort task according to their importance (yes/no), the other is used to sort tasks according to their urgency (yes/no). After sorting the tasks I try to stick on the important/urgent side of the chart, and avoid non-important, non-urgent side.

Brux Y.
I usually go from more cumbersome to less. Also clumping together the ones that ate similar, so it takes less brain power to change from to another. Leaving the easier tasks for the end of the day, when I have less mental energy usually fares better than starting easy, because if I'm tired, i won't do my best work.

Idaira Z.
I usually do them by deadlines. I will make my own if it isn't provided. I usually do fun/quick things at the very end/beginning or on days when I'm running low on energy to save time for other things.

Pluck N.
In the way that it feels best. I try to make my to do list the day before and also prioritize which tasks are most important. I try to have three different important tasks. For example 1. Send/make an invoice 2. Buy groceries 3. Meet up with friends.
I try to not have my day all about my work or all about my house or even all about my family. But the combination makes it better! Because then it feels like I did something for every part of myself, if that makes sense

Cynthia O.
I must say it’s a combination of importance and due date. First I look at what’s important then I look at the due date. At times it’s a matter of my judgement could be due now but you may be something more important that needs to be dealt with very soon

Justine O.
I accomplish my task mostly by fun. At times I do by importance. It’s hard to get at the tough ones. But very rewarding when I do.

Monica O.
I normally don't. But when I do, it's basically with my mood for doing them tasks…I have no due dstes by now so that makes it easier.

Cassandra S.
Honestly, it always comes down to the due date because that usually means that I have to do it as soon as possible or else there will be consequences. Importance usually ties in with the deadline so it does matter. Honestly, I would also love to do things simply because it’s fun to do, but I just only do them when I’m procrastinating never when I actually have time to do it