Alternatives ways to manage to do lists?

Hasso E.
What I do is I tell Siri to remind me of an something I need to do or an idea on the same time every day and when it becomes that time I sit down and write down all the ideas I had on my to do list and I spread them out in the span of three days depending how time consuming they are. I do this the 40 min before I sleep for the night and I even look back at it in the morning to see if I need to make adjustments or not

Donna B.
I always keep a journal and list to dos on one side and things I’m grateful for on another. Also a planner with fun stickers helps me to keep making them every day.

Bertold F.
I put them on my phone in the order they need done.
If you use iOS then the reminders app is a great option to us bc you can check them off as you get them done and even set a reminder for things that need to be done in the future (ie. Tomorrow or next week)
I think there may be a similar option in one note but I don’t remember for sure