How do you decide when you want to remove a thing on your to-do list? That always feels weird.

Leonard Z.
I’ve deleted a few and it’s weird at first, but you should remember that it’s just an app. Do what you feel works best for your well being and productivity. Some things work better than others and customizing your habits is part of learning. Good luck!

Michelle E.
A mentor got me through a difficult time when a family member was suffering a severe illness. (He is doing well now, thank goodness!) I was leading the entire family through it physically, organizationally, mentally, and especially emotionally. I had nothing left for myself.

An advisor told me, among other things, to look at my to do list and think, how much and what MUST be done today? If it can wait a day, remove it. Look at the long haul and your energy level and what you need to do to take care of yourself.

Then cut out everything that isn't necessary. Leave it on a separate list. Maybe later you can delegate it or choose to do it as things change.

Lists are not military orders. They're helpful reminders and guides. You can question them, change them, sort them differently. Think, on rough days, what MUST be done today? And do it. You still have tomorrow to deal with the rest. In life, you must treat yourself with loving kindness and that includes patience with your limitations.

When you want something to the utmost, make the extra energy and effort to do it as a MUST do, of course. But learn to forgive yourself if you can't do it all and all at once. The great person carries compassion, and that begins with compassion for yourself before you can understand how to give it to others.

Lily J.
Well, you're not the one it feels weird for! I usually remove stuff from my to do list AFTER it has been done or it becomes a habit. For example, if it says, ' Get quarters for Monday ' once I get the quarters for Monday, I remove it. But, if it is, 'Drink water every morning' I would remove it once it becomes a habit.

Jeppe Z.
I usually don’t remove it from the todo list unless it’s totally irrelevant. I usually have a couple lists going so I’ll move it to one more appropriate. For example: the weekend to do list instead of today’s list

Isabelle G.
You decide by asking yourself how you feel about it. Your logical side of the brain will always want to do more but its not always for the better if your whole self