Do you just write household chores or everything that you would normally do in a day?

M Tio N.
I write down everything that I need to do for that day and circle the top 3. One of my top 3 has to be something related to the home for instance, Friday is the day I change linen. So I make sure I get that done every Friday. I knock out my top 3 items first and everything else comes after. I don’t feel bad if I don’t complete everything on the list anymore. I’m not Super Mom, I’m just trying to make life easier.
Mimoso C.
I write down everything out of my normal, every day schedule! I brush my teeth every day, so I don’t need to write that down, but going to the grocery store definitely goes on the checklist.
Hanna U.
I choose specific items I want to achieve within the time allotted. I want them to be things to make my environment make me smile. In the past I’ve chosen to spend that time pulling some weeds so I smile when I come home from work. I’ve also spent to moving and removing things in my living room. So that when I sit down I’m not looking at clutter. Things that clear my space also clear my mind!
Ramon P.
Everything I plan to do that day outside of normal routine unless something normal needs a bit extra that day and then I add it too.
Sonja F.
I usually put those things in one of my routines. Since there's a timer, I know I only have to tidy and clean up my room for 10 minutes each evening. Or I know I need to tidy and clean the bathroom each morning. But, I also don't do much of the cleaning at home as I work full-time and my spouse works part-time and I'd a SAHD.
Janet S.
I include things that I may forget – hair mask, face mask, showering, feeding cats. It’s nice to add some “easy wins” so that it feels like you’ve accomplished stuff even on bad/hard days.
Sophia Z.
I usually try to incorporate a mix of both, however I also include tasks which I want to do for the betterment of myself. Such as researching a new topic of study or reading a new book. You could also include practicing a sport or an instrument that you enjoy. This makes the list easier to accomplish and increases it’s personal value. The sense of achievement you get from ticking each task off also serves as motivation to carry on. Be careful not to fill the list with too many tasks however, as this can be discouraging and demotivating.
Lucy U.
Sometimes I do write everything for the day. I have found that 2-3 lists isn't a bad idea. Different strokes for different folks!
Livia E.
Everything I want or need to to in the day, I try to include and write household chores if they are longer than 10 minutes