Are you writing your to-do list in the morning or in the evening and why?

Abram U.
I write my to do list in the morning because I can then take into account any unforeseen circumstances that might occur that morning
Amandine E.
Usually, I think about what I need to do, especially the past couple days when I’ve been sick and I’m not sure what I can do.
Fiete O.
I adjust my To-Do list in the afternoon actually bc I'll have made my necessary calls to update/tweak my to-do list by that time.
Stephen Z.
I wright (wen i wright) my to do list in the evening or in the bed , because in the morning i need to have a plan and i need to find enough motivation and its done
Mis E.
I’m writing my to do list in the morning. I wake with the needs of my day on my mind and I’m forgetful so it’s helpful to get it done first thing and remove the burden of responsibility from my memory
Ian U.
Evening, so I can wake up do everything that needs to be done. Boom hit to thinks with one stone. Then when your ready and out the door with list in hand. Your day runs smoother with a list to follow. If you don't finish your list everything that's left on your list from to day move to tomorrow's list at the top and then add to that an old trick my dad taught me. I hope this helps.
Adrien E.
I think writing it in the evening is most ideal because it gives you direction when you first wake up. Writing it in the morning can be difficult because you may not write the things you thought of yesterday. Your brain may be distracted by something less important that just popped into your head.
Caleb O.
I chose to write my list in the evening because i have more time to sit and really think about it as im not a morning person so my mornings tend to be rushed. That way in the morning i can go thru my list and head to work