What do you suggest for breakfast?

Walter J.
Personally I love my go-to vegetarian breakfast which is a slice of Berliner Landbroodt Rye bread toasted (I find my digestion appreciates this), topped with full fat butter, half an avocado, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and a sprinkling of hemp seed powder for protein. One can also sprinkle a hand full of mixed seeds on top, with some paprika for extra taste.
Andres U.
I'm not really much of a breakfast person so I try and stick with something that is easy and that I think is yummy. My go-to is Greek yogurt with honey on top or a quick smoothie with just frozen fruit and peanut butter and maybe kale.
Clifton S.
I use intermittent fasting so my breakfast is about 2-3 pm. I eat gluten free, dairy free, grain free, sugar free, essentially meat free, with occasional wild caught salmon, Iinclude occasional eggs. Breakfast is usually a smoothie with pea protein, frozen fruit mostly blueberries and cherries, almond or coconut milk, psyllium granules, coconut MCT oil, turmeric essential oil drops, sometimes cinnamon and clove. I also include some nitric oxide drink powder. Blend and enjoy. Sometimes I make eggs with some greens. Yea, I don't eat like most folk.
Elisi Rio Q.
Depending on the amount of time I have in the morning, if I’m short on time I’ll eat a bowl of fibre and protein rich cereal like special k ~ if I’m feeling frisky chop some banana up in there.
If I’ve got some time ~ eggs and avocado toast