When you write your to-do list, are you combining your professional tasks with personal ones? Or do you make two separate lists?

Julie X.
I have many different categories for 'To Do Lists'. It helps me to 'waltz' from doing a mundane task/chore, so I can start laundry, then wash dishes/pull weeds in my garden, switch out laundry and put into dryer – start a new load/wash dishes, make phone calls, clean the microwave/refrigerator/etc…It's best for me to 'waltz'/rotate through my 'To Do List' categories.
Julie Z.
I usually put it all together, although at times I'm confuse which one will I give it a priority and the tendency is that, when you don't know which one to prioritize you somehow lack time and may result to procrastination . But I'm learning to organize it. I think or I am not yet sure if I will separate my personal goal or to do in the morning, and do other Proffesional goals or to do list in the afternoon or after I finished my personal list.
Pierre X.
When I create my to-do list I have two separate columns, personal and professional. I often have a long list that I pull tasks that need to get done that day. My short-term memory is terrible, so having my list readily available helps keep me focused both personally and professionally. It really helps if I can schedule my to-do list so I know approximately when each task will be completed. I ALWAYS cross off completed tasks!! 🎉
Meghan W.
I prefer to have one only list because I don't divide my time between professional tasks and personal ones but I do both according with context and time
Julio F.
I make two different lists. I think it's important to compartmentalize and keep track of what you need to do in the two different locations
D Rcio Y.
I normally combine personal and professional tasks in my to-do lists. I begin with my personal tasks and routines then I fill the holes with professional tasks such as email, research and other work. I always make it a priority to schedule each task and stick to the time allotted to each task.
Judy Q.
I make two separate list with following exception: if I have a private appointment during working hours (or vice versa), I note it on both ToDos, so as not to forget. HTH.
Ivanice Q.
I make separate lists. Usually I keep the list with professional tasks in my computer while I have a diary for my personal list.
Landon O.
I, personally, would write two: title one Personal and write all your things you want to get done such as reading, art, cleaning, etc. and the other could be tasks needed to be done for work such as paperwork, presentations, etc. hope I helped!