What do you find yourself writing on your to do list every day?

Lillian O.
I allow my phone to remind me of my Fabulous to dos. I also have a planner, where I hand write what I have to accomplish and what I can choose to complete

Debra O.
every day I preferred to write what I will have to do the next day because this allows me to better understand how I have to organize my day, both at work and in the family. compiling the to-list makes me aware of my time and helps me not to get stressed because I can't be organized. even if the things to be done are often repeated, knowing that you have to do them and eliminating them once done is very rewarding.

Morgan E.
I find myself writing everything I have to do tomorrow in the respective order:
-wake up+breakfast
-take the bus
-have class1/work
-break: task1 (what task can I do here? Maybe call the plumber to fix a problem at home)
-have that meeting that I had scheduled
Of course that I can skip or change its order at any given time, it's a to do list, something to guide me. But I try to follow as far as I can, as I keep it with me, read it in the morning and during the day. I write it at night.

Erin I.
I write a few small, personal tasks to complete like workout, wash laundry, and read. I also write a few of the business related task like email someone, reach out to 10 businesses, and research food truck permits. I use a small notebook so my tasks fill the page, but are manageable. I have found in the past when I add too much to my to do list, I don’t come close to getting it done.

Liam E.
Everything that pops into my head goes onto my to do list. Then I spend the time to organize all items at the end of the day and place them into categories (ie medical, personal, work, home, kids, & etc). Once categorized, I mark the highest priority to the lowest. I determine this by day. What is the highest priority today? It may be higher tomorrow, but today it might not be. After all of the items have a priority, due date, and category, I pull highest priority items and these are what makes up my daily list.

Nathaniel F.
Stretches, Physical Therapy, and OT exercises get put on my to do list for each day, even when they are also part of my ritual. I need to do them multiple times a day, and sometimes I modify which type of exercise I intend to do. Eating and particular food preparations frequently are added. Especially if I need to remember to do something before I leave in the morning to be ready for later in the day (ex, chicken in Crock-Pot.)