Do you think longer to-do lists are better? Or shorter ones?

Jasmim O.
Manageable ones! It can be longer if it includes lots of little things, but shorter if tasks are harder or take longer to complete
Alexsandra I.
I like longer ones because it gives me something to do if I get board. So when I am board I can look at my list and find something productive to do.
Aubree Z.
I’ve done long lists for years, and recently shifted to a shorter, more focused list – and I’m getting much more accomplished every day!
Stephanie P.
I think shorter but more meaningful. If the list is prioritised I think it helps & provides a sense of achievement. If the list is extensive it can be a distraction of loads of things that aren’t meaningful but just general to do things that would be a part of a normal day anyway. I write my priority to do list & complete a 2nd list with the less important tasks that I will set aside an hour to get through as many of them as possible. Those that I dont get through in the hour I will leave until the next hour tmro.