Do you usually achieve the goals that you write on your to-do list?

Kaitlin P.
Yes. I have changed my style of work. I write down every single tast I start working to and I'm tracking time spent on them. This eases the accomplishment. It's so good to tick out every conpketed task.
Clyde O.
Not yet. I'm simply so backed up on my to-do list and new things pop up all the time. Maybe once I've practice enough, and moved past the back log, I will finally get my to-do list for a week finished? I almost always get at least two of my top three finished.
Ga L T.
If they are small, reasonable, specific tasks, I usually complete them. When I write tasks that are larger/actually contain several small steps, I tend to struggle to get those done.
Tracy T.
Usually not, but I try my best to make it and I am getting a little better at it.
Usually after a few days my list is no longer relevant coase more ergent things came up