I have a lot of goals for a day. I need to keep another list of goals for the week or month. Do you have a similar problem? How do you organize your tasks?

Nora O.
Well it depends on how long my todo list is for the day .. However my list is generally on the long side I do a general weekly and monthly goal /plan .. then I do a daily list every night .. I break them down in the 3-4 parts and start of with my first three most important tasks then down to the next important task in order if important and urgency … So long as I’ve done the three most important task or the first two sets of three important tasks I then try to finish up as best I can if I do not finish then I carry them over into the next day and added them to the top of most import things to do .. I try not to beat myself up if I don’t get to finish . I give myself a little credit for doing my best and I work on finishing for the next day …
Lea X.
I use Todoist to organize my tasks. Whenever I come up with a task during the day, I add it to the Inbox (no project) to be sorted later.

Each morning I go over the overdue tasks from yesterday and the new tasks in the Inbox and assign them to a project and give them a due date. I do this for tasks I want to complete within one week. Other longer-term goals I leave in the Inbox, uncategorized.

For today's tasks I additionally specify a priority (p1-p4), this helps with staying on target. I have a max of 3 priority 1 tasks each day.

Todoist's "The next 7 days"-view is handy to stay on top of your weekly goals and gives a good overview for you to estimate the coming week's workload.

I hope this helped you!

Jesus Z.
Actually i just think this is a great question and I'd love to know other users' answers. maybe fabulous could publish a blog post on the topic?
June Q.
I have created a monthly checklist of the recurring tasks that must be completed each month. I’ve also put them in order based the the timelines the tasks need to be completed. Then I keep a daily moleskin journal with me for daily non-recurring tasks aka unique tasks.