Is it better to break down larger to-dos into small tasks one at a time?

Rudolf O.
depending on the task at hand, I always think it's better to do big things in small chunks. it's easirr to digest, and not so overwhelming
Arthur E.
Particularly. If it helps you control process, then yes. If you already know what to do, it is unnecessary and even waste of time (“JUST DO IT”™️) 🙂
Stephen W.
Yes it is better, but don't make it too granular which might waste time. Strong and focused action will be your best friend. Once you mapped out the next steps, don't question them at every turn. Put the work in and evaluate at predetermined I tervalls only if you should adjust the course. Otherwise you will waiver too much! Good luck!
Dylan Y.
Breaking large tasks into smaller ones is always better. You can actually accomplish the smaller pieces, whereas the overall task may not have a clear end point. Small tasks mean you’re making progress!
Enrique X.
i would say yes. start with small tasks and then build up. so instead of making a task of cleaning the whole house, just clean one room for that time. baby steps.
Duane F.
Personally, I think it is. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by an endless to-do list. By deconstructing and organizing a to-do List, you make it easier to comprehend, memorize and tackle.
Laura A.
I've always thought so. Although some tasks can't be broken down into smaller tasks. But for those that can be broken into several mini tasks it makes the task seem more manageable. I used to get overwhelmed with 1 or more significant tasks, to the point I didn't know where to start even. This type of overwhelmed feelings, in the end I got less done than i planned. So with a different mindset & by breaking down big tasks into small manageable tasks it greatly helped me into making good progress & feeling as if I was making real progress in a way that I could see. Also helpful is if you have a deadline it also helps to manage what needs to be done by such & such a date. This helps completing however many tasks need completing per day! Hope you have much success!
Ivan E.
Definitely! in my case that's what has made me start and even finish certain activities otherwise I would've never even started those.