How do you assign priorities on your to-do list, and do you make to-do list for entire day or you make smaller list for morning, afternoon and evening?

Noelle E.
2/3 MIT (most important things) : time sensitive and/or (If I could do ONE thing and feel that my day wasn’t waisted). Then I dispatch the rest of my small task however I feel like.
Dorle F.
Priorities are usually worky things and I put those in the middle because I first put non priorities like clean desk or wash dishes first to get me in the productive mood, I then put priorities in the middle then finish with non priorities to make my head clear.
I put everything in ONE to do list usually because if I split it into parts of the day then I have more of a chance to procrastinate 😬 one of my vices
Hope it helps🙂
Ronnie C.
I make a to-do list for my whole day & come back & adjust it three times a day if needed. That gives me the occasion to check something off and perhaps break down the next task or change it's priority – like running is usually tops but if it will rain all morning & the afternoon will be radiant, I will compassionately, flip my running priority to the afternoon. My health & wellness goals (which includes attempting my pre-programmed sports challenge of the day) are usually my top priority (A)- the quality of my day, mood & ability to sleep in the evening etc…depend on my sports engagement.

And running right now is very challenging. I need to get rid of that asap in my day lest I'll become vulnerable to procrastinate on it too much and not get it done ( and as a result sometimes little else) Also, tired legs makes for welcome & guiltfree deskwork ;).

Then, the rest is scheduled/ prioritized depending on various things like scheduled meetings, closing hours of various businesses I need to interact with in person or on the phone. Some are on different time zones & I have to catch them when they're in the office.

Stuff also comes up that can move an item up priority wise. For example if I was not in a rush to update one of my curriculum vitae, the emergence of an unexpected opportunity I want to jump on will suddenly bump up that task in my career goals category. It's still pertinent to one of my top three priorities – doing stuff in support of my career ambitions.

Impending deadlines may shift priorities B&C but health & Wellness tends to stay at (A). So, (A) Health & Wellness 'cause if I'm not well nothing else will happen well & it's a daily habit I keep having to practice if I really want to reap the fruits of that effort!

For now, B/C can be Work related Productivity items –sometimes it's work & learning related product (cause I strongly value learning and learning happens for it's own sake or as part of my for its own sake or as part of my work) or project bound; sometimes it's just a nagging chore;

B or C can also be career /finance related 'cause money's that useful & tying it to my passion for my evolving career makes making money more meaningful.

My significant other's get the Joker Card. Their need for my attention will always trump other priorities if need be. I always work a way to give that space, even if it means moving some or all of today's priorities to tomorrow (and and more). They're all adults & independent so that's clearly the privilege of an empty nest. They use to be a multiple times daily priority. Doing that then is paying off today in their health & wellness, my peace of mind & freedom to pursue my other life goals unencumbered by their issues. Now, I get to be an on-call Mom of well adjusted young adults & their calls are unobtrusive, very fulfilling and always welcone no matter what the issue is – hence, part of my health & Wellness both because it's neither too much nor too little. Aaaaaahhhhh 🙂

Mattie T.
I have combined 3 habits together to create a routine: top 3 tasks, which get stars next to them on the left, then the rest of the to-do list. Finally, I create a timeline, which because it's a daily list, usually just looks like "AM," "PM" or "Night" in the right hand column
Manuel P.
I have a daily to-do list. I also have a tomorrow, this week, next week and this month to-do list. My to-do list is color coded and electronic. I color code them as relationship tasks, vital tasks, habit tasks, community tasks, routine daily tasks, routine weekly tasks and special tasks.
Rosalinde Z.
To be honest I complete the tasks on my to do list without much rhyme or reason. I try to get as many things done as possible during the day. I place a higher priority on big tasks because the make me feel more accomplished when I complete them. I make one complete list for the day and I don’t divide it into smaller sections
Johan C.
I make it early in the morning and if something crops up in the day I remember needs doing, I'll add it when I get the next opportunity.