I’m confused, how do I plan and write my to do list?

Freja U.
Imagine what are you dreaming about or just need to do and write 3 easiest things you can do right now or tomorrow to achieve your goal.
Marvin J.
Just write down what do you have to do and fix a time schedule. Maybe you will be not able to follow it but it will help in remaining focused and do not loose time. Remember to give high priority to most important task. An idea could be move less important task( e.g. e mail readind) at the end of the day when you are tired and start the day with the most important one.
Howard O.
You start of making a long list of all thing you need to get done.
Next, every day make a list of max 3 things from the list (or steps towards completing bigger things on your list) these are your goals for today.
Next you figure out when during your schedule for today you will be doing your 3 things

Before you know it you have gone through all the original items on your big list

The important part is to keep updating your big list so that important tasks never get forgotten.

Adonai E.
How can I clear it 🤔 okey, let me tell you. Plan your previous month, not so much details, just main/important things. Then every day “Write your to-Do” for daily tasks, check the list every day. I’m a M.D., it’s very hard to
Ana O.
There are different ways of writing and using a to-do list, but most people use the 3-task to-do list.

You write down 3 things you want to achieve or accomplish today. E.g. Do a certain homework assignment, read 50 pages in a book or go grocery shopping. Don't make the tasks too big, split them up into smaller ones.

Fabulous recommends that you use a physical notebook to write your to-do lists. Personally I use Todoist.

Make it a habit that when you wake up, you write down what you want to do today. And keep it to 3 tasks only. If you have extra time you can of course do more things. But focus on the three most important tasks.

Some people also plan out their day by placing timestamps next to the tasks, as a sort of deadline for when it needs to be completed. This way they know exactly what to focus on and can easily get back on track if they get distracted. Personally I don't do this but feel free to try it out.

Good luck!

Judith W.
Set a time each day to focus on the task of writing your to do list. Have a set place to write your to do list. I think the worst place to write a to do list is while sitting in bed. I typically write all my to dos for the next morning right before bed and if I'm not done by the morning I simply go to work early and complete it.
Marilaine S.
I think the important part is to keep it simply enough so that it will stick with you. I have a list that I fill up during my work day. When I’m about to leave, I put an exclamation mark in front of the three most important tasks (that I haven’t managed to tick off during the day). The next morning I start with them.