How do I reduce the number of things on my to-do list?

Rick F.
I listened to this podcast episode about todo lists, it may be helpful: have a good wee
Anka F.
Don’t write so many down??? 🙂

I know that sounds facetious. It is, somewhat, but in a way, it’s not.

I used to have to do lists that went on forever. I would put all the things I wanted done. And they totally depressed me.

I don’t now. I do the top three things I want to do that day (and only put it down in the morning). Then I will add little things that can fit quickly between the main three to dos. Like laundry, which takes very little time to start and doesn’t take my presence much after that.

The 3 big tasks are what I aim for. The little things… if I do, yay! If not? No harm, no foul.

Yes, I write down things to do sometime so I don’t forget them, but that’s a holding list, not what I consider my to do list.

Works for me. And doesn’t depress me or make me angry.