I am nervous about how I am going to try to stick to my current habits, routines, and rituals. Should I take a break to feel good then later develop a daily meditation routine?

Ezequiel Q.
ABSOLUTELY. Remember the very first thing that fabulous taught us; make very small steps as often as you can, and when you are ready, you can go for bigger things. This is very important because if you try to get used to an entire routine from the beginning, very soon you will feel exhausted and very unmotivated. I have been there too. A lot. Then, you end up where you started, and have wasted your time too. So start small. This way, in a couple of weeks, you will have adopted a habit or two and in a couple of months you will have your whole ritual. But remember; even when you have reached a small goal (sticking to a habit) it's okay to not being able to accomplish it every day. I have been using fabulous for years and I have succeeded to stick to my morning routine. But there are days when I don't feel like it and I do some of the habits in the routine or none at all. But it's okay!
L A Q.
No need to feel nervous, just do it. Even if it's for five minutes or even a minute- you first establish a habit and then you gradually increase the amount of time and themintensity of the habit… do it every day, no matter if you're feeling awesome or down, if it's a workday or weekend and it will become second nature. don't sabotage yourself before you even start!
Johanne C.
I’m not sure how many new routines and habits you are trying. I usually can only do a few at a time. However, when I take a break from everything, I feel worse. So I might not add on another habit until you are ready, but don’t take a break from the ones you’ve estAblishes either.
Josefine P.
Nope. Start right now. Sit for 10 minutes using a guided meditation from the Fabulous app. There will never be a better time to start.
Lisa T.
No. You should try to stick to your planned activities untill they will become habits, then you will not want to skip them because they just have become so easy for you, and you know they are good for you, so you will have a permanent motivation loop that develops you in the process.
Mathew F.
It is probably better to stick to your habits, routines, and rituals the best you can.

Perhaps also give yourself credit and take a moment to congratulate yourself and feel good about sticking to your routines and rituals.

In fact, using one of the Fabulous App Meditations for self gratitude may be a first step to meditation while trying your best to continue your routines and rituals and feeling good about yourself for doing that.

But if it is overwhelming- pause. Give yourself a break, then try again. Don’t give up.

Erdmute F.
All of your habits, routines and rituals should feel good, should feel like a break from the distractions of life. You can certainly give yourself some time to meditate too. Choose the things you want for your life, don't force things upon you that you are not ready to accept or not exited about accepting
Cathy O.
I have learned when I take a break from something I have a hard time starting again. I have had it happen with exercise, eating well, sleeping at the right time. I have found when I am overwhelmed with life and my big to do list. I make my bed. Easy I know, but it fills me with a sense of accomplishment. Some days that is the only thing I accomplished. Meditating has been a hard thing for me to do. I understand it is "easy". I have found it is easier for me to mindful through out my day. While brushing my teeth, driving my car, waiting in line. There are lots of times I just listen to what is on my mind and the release it. One day I hope to have a solid meditation practice. Hope this helps.