How do you determine what to write and what to skip? I wrote 4 pages in my bullet journal today.

Ted W.
I don't think that there is a role or a specific number because bullet journaling is something personal and it's all about organizing and reflecting our life in writing and making goals and commit to it more when we write it down so my advice is write as much as you like as much as it's still organized and don't overwhelmed you by writing too much goals and things to do and yeah keep your creativity high and make draw, doodle and just make it your own unique way and never stress to make things perfect because it's all about organizing,reflecting and having fun 💙💙💙💙💙
Trixie X.
I write everything, whether its just words, incomplete sentences or full a thesis. Whatever I'm feeling at that moment, I write.
Pau N.
Normally I focus on the journeys or challenges that I’m already in like “Manage my anxiety or “Love myself” and I write lists like my daily anxiety’s or my achievements as part of the challenge activities