Do you keep seperate lists for work and private life?

Fatima O.
Yes, but not exactly. I have the main list with different tags, including both personal and work. And then I make my to-do lists depending on where I am at that part of the day. If I'm at home I try to do more of a private things, if I'm out in the city I try to do all about my work.
Lorenzo F.
I usually keep separate lists for work and home. Sometimes, like today, I combine them, but I prefer to keep them separate
Albertino I.
Yes! I find that if I separate the two I'm less likely to be thinking of work when I should be relaxing or winding down in the evenings or weekends. Work lists I write down on a notepad on my desk or on a work trello board. That way I won't see them unless I'm in work. I keep personal lists on my phone so I can access them everywhere.
Sara F.
Personally I don't because I'm in a situation where these two are one and the same😥. But I can see how it would be helpful to have separate lists for work and for private life, especially if you lead a more busy or "complicated" life. If you think that's you then maybe it's a good idea to have two (or more?) lists.
Ev Ncio F.
Yes. Sometimes on my private list I will write work and the time I want to put in since I work from home but then I have a separate list for what I want to get done at work.
Jocelino W.
In terms of a to-do list? No. So far I have only been creating a work list. But I know I would benefit from also creating a personal to-do list, therefore I intend to make this an evening habit, as I have my work to-do list as a morning habit.
Rayan Q.
Yeah. I have a note containing lists of chores, shopping lists, and payments for the month as well as my work notes showing what I need to do today as well as updating a list for the next day as well.