How often do you complete everything from your to-do list?

Sid V.
Not very often. I go through short bursts of getting everything done but it’s very easy to fall off track. A vacation, a sickness, a change in schedule can throw me off for weeks

Brianna N.
I have one list of everything I have to and I prioritized them and pick 1 major task 3 important tasks but focus on my major task before I got on somewhere else

Margot M.
On my to do list there are things that need to be done for school, work, and my personally life. Since I have a lot to juggle, I usually get 80% of the personally life items done (the more urgent ones should be done first) and 100% of my school and work to-dos completed.

Taylor Z.
Not very often. I'm easily distracted or if I sit down it's hard for me to get back up and do stuff. I need to be more strong minded about getting to where I want to be.

Stef N.
Completing everything from to-do list is just impossible. If you genuinely care about all parts of your life you are stuck with 3 pages long to-do and only so much time… I am happy if I manage to get my top 3 finished half of the days. The important part is that to-do teaches you to prioritise and not lose track of the important tasks.

Stephanie Z.
Everything? Not very often. I stack my to-do list in terms of their priority and then I try to knock them out one by one within the time I've set aside for them. And sometimes I don't have enough time!
My to-do list has items I know I may not complete right away, items I know I should do soon but with no official deadline. Moving forward, I would like to put harder deadlines on certain things to hold myself accountable. I might also try breaking down larger projects, just so I know I've been working on them. Plus it feels good to check things off your to-do list!

Trish Z.
I write down a lot of things just to get them out of my head and prioritize. If the 2 most important things get done – I am satisfied. If it makes you feel guilty, that you don't finish everything up, then write weekly thematic lists, at most four and use the time-blocking method to get focused on the typed of tasks. Also a timer helps TREMENDOUSLY. Much more so if you struggle with focusing like I do 😆

Take care and best of luck!
Just keep showing up ❤🎉

Hannah A.
i never completely everything on my to-do list, but mainly because i use a brain-dump type method. there’s certain things that perhaps belong on a “priority to-do list” that i complete every day, but it’s mainly the things i have to do anyway. everything else is just an ever-expanding list of things i’d like to get done. something just stays uncrossed until it gets done. I just try to complete them all before the end of the week

Suzanne A.
Nearly never. I'm just in the beginning of my journey and actually I do the easiest tasks mainly. Now I'll try to up my game.

Deolindo N.
My to do list is never complete. I never have the feeling that it’s done. So I also never have the feeling that I have completed Successfully.

Victoria U.
I probably complete 90% of my to do list everyday but im not really sure I try to start with the complicated things first and then do the easy things like homework or taking a shower

Michaela U.
That never happened. But I never mind. Because I overfill my to do list and then do the most important. I always meet the deadlines because I always plan ahead and have som spare days. So I dont mind not completing my to do list. But my goal is always to complete it. I could not start a day without it. I need a plan ❤️

Mike S.
I don’t often complete my to-lists just because I always give myself extra things to do, in case I finish the main important things on my list. I think as long as you try to do as much as possible, you can’t get mad at yourself for not completing your list, you’ve tried your best!!

Sally Z.
I don't often complete everything on my list. Very often I pass it on to the next day's list. I very frequently underestimate the amount of time that it takes to complete some of my listed tasks.

Wojciech Z.
I find myself pushing tasks from one day to another quite often currently. As I‘m rewriting my todo list every day I‘m also reviewing all tasks from the previous day and remove all that I found not important anymore. So although I do not complete the whole list every day, some tasks become obsolete or less important as the next day begins which helps me focus on the most important tasks.

Claude P.
I complete most things on my todo list and if not I review what I didn’t finish and add it to the next day. I think sometimes maybe I should separate pressing things and less immediate to do’s and find a way to not be stressed about not doing everything especially when my to do list seems to grow throughout the day

Olivar F.
May be twice a week, I complete everything in my to-do list for the day. I'm still figuring out how to write only that I want/can do on my list for that day. Usually I write so much more than I do, or I feel like not doing some tasks that day.