Do you keep a dedicated notebook for your To Do lists and how does this help you keep track?

Shelly Z.
Personally I use the Todoist! app. I can see and modify my to-do list from anywhere. If my priorities change I can change them on the spot.
Magnus Z.
I have one notebook that I use like a bullet journal. In the back I put all to do like a brain dumb. Then I make a list for my week and then for my day to day
Elias P.
I use a phone app at times when my to-do's are away from home and paper at home. I prefer paper though. It's so satisfying to make that check mark and clear my list!
Azuil C.
I have an everything notebook and a mini everything notebook. The first has everything. Wedding plans, what I want to remodel, to do lists, whatever. The mini is for daily to do lists, reminders, and grocery lists. Temporary things.