How do you stick to the list?

Dwayne U.
First of all you need to make it your own. What is your morning routine? What is your evening routine? Once you’ve done that following the list is pretty easy and it can be kind of fun to try to get all your checkmarks
Gl Dis Q.
When a need I boost of self confience I stick to some task of the list. It make me feel good. I hope I understood your question because I'mincreasing my English
Jamim C.
Honestly, sometimes I go off track but it takes all the energy I have to get back on track. It's tough but just keep preparing your list. It will get better.
Lewis N.
Sometimes I switch it up and do the list differently depending on my day and how I feel but if you want to do it in order put the harder tasks first then you can get them out of the way and ease your way through the rest of the routine. It can make you want to avoid doing it since it’s the first task but find something motivating to make you want to start and finish it. If this doesn’t work them start with a few easy task ease your way into it them do the harder tasks the end with some easy ones hope this helps