Is it also important that we have a not-to-do list because there are certain things we should definitely not do, like consuming more food or eating more sugar?

Lisa E.
I find that with things like those, I believe it’s more important to have goals in your To-do, and then shape your environment to naturally avoid those things that will get in your way. Like if you’re avoiding sugar, go on a grocery run and load your home with low sugar foods. In other words make it easier for your habits to stick
Camille Q.
A negative list is difficult for my brain to handle—I am more successful when I focus on things like “eat more fruit” or “eat fruit rather than candy” instead of “don’t eat candy.”
Anita J.
Yes. There are things that would be better to avoid and perhaps have the associated reasons why as well. Or associated poor experiences following a the activity that would be better avoided.
Aneita E.
No, because when u are making the list, u are focusing on the negative and what you shouldn't do instead of focusing on what u should do. I look at it this way, if I do one of those things thats on the "not to do list" that's ok! Just keep moving on with life.
Camille O.
I'd rather start just with the to-do list. I've been feeling better with achieving small tasks, and that by itself keeps me from things I don't want to do. At the end, it's better to switch habits from bad to good rather than just stop doing the bad ones.
Gaspard W.
Well I guess if you follow that list. You can make a list for anything good or bad, bucket list, cleaning tasks- but it’s if you follow that list. That’s key. How you make yourself follow a list that’s what the hard part is.
Fabio A.
You can do this in a more positive way. So say “chocolate free day” or “smoke free day” and tick the box if you did it that way you made a positive action rather than just not doing the negative action. Hope this helps you got this!!!