I am all positive doing my morning rituals. When it come to night healthy rituals my consistency is pretty low. What I could do to improve it?

Eva P.
Set a time for your night routine, set a reminder to make you get up, so you can wake up energetic.. Don't forget to shut your screens 30min before you wanna sleep
Kristen C.
Something I found that helps is not ignoring my alarms for my rituals. And anticipating the time I'm supposed to start my rituals. So if I'm supposed to be letting the dog out by 2110 then I'm making sure I'm already getting ready to do the task when the time is coming or I've already done the task. I also have my evening tasks written down as a to do list at the bottom of my day in my agenda so when I'm reviewing it at breakfast and again at lunch I know what I'm expecting to be done before I even get to my evening rituals or my phone reminds me. I also find putting the most daunting tasks for my day in the middle of my day, if at all possible, easier than saving them for the end of my day because I'm usually too tired or want some good me time after dealing with the kids all day so I won't do those tasks at the end of the day. Another thing that helps is making sure your evening/bedtime rituals are about winding down for the night. So instead of doing tasks that create more energy, like a cardio heavy workout can for some, do something more relaxing like a meditation or yoga.
Keith O.
Change the order of your habits and/or make sure you're doing habits that bring you joy at night. Otherwise, do them in the morning or in the afternoon instead. If it's something you MUST do, place it somewhere in your day or routine that makes you feel good.
Victoria Y.
I have the same problem. The morning seems easier because it’s the very first thing you do. The evening is easily interrupted. My plan is to set a calendar appointment for the same time each night and do the routing then.