What if I don’t manage to get my to do list done?

Silas N.
That's ok we're all human and we fail sometimes. I'd recommend you reschedule your uncompleted tasks for tomorrow. You should also consider putting less things on your list and learn to be more disciplined. I hope this helps 😊
Tim O.
To me it doesn't really matter. I use my To-do list just for orientation. I write down really a lot of things to do, but I prioritize them. I start with things that had to be done and if there's some time left, I do the other things. But it is rare for me to complete my whole to-do list.
Tilde A.
That’s okay. Small changes are better and more permanent anyways. Try to make an improvement everyday. If one day you did four things, then the next shoot for five.
Isabel S.
If you don’t get your to do list done, usually it means whatever was on there wasn’t necessarily that important or ‘priority’ so if it’s something that can be done the following day, do it then but don’t keep prolonging it otherwise you just end up being a procrastinator😆
Carolyn P.
I would first prioritize the most important tasks in my to do list and get them done first and then work on getting the second important tasks followed by the least important ones.
Soraya N.
Reschedule what you didn’t do
After a week take a good look at your lists and try to find a pattern or answer explaining why you didn’t finish
And write your lists with your new knowledge.
Jack R.
Sometimes I can't finish my to do list. In that case I evaluate whether the unfinished items are still relevant and move them to the next day's to do list.
Folker J.
Don't beat yourself up about it. Just reschedule. Be realistic with your time. If this starts happening often you're probably planning too much. This will create a negative spiral. Make to do list you can finish, then slowly put more stuff on it.
Ute X.
That happens to me all the time. Plenty of times I don’t even get the three most important items of the day done. Life happens—and part of the point of the to-do list for me is just that if I *don’t* write these items down, the chances of my accomplishing them will be considerably smaller as I won’t even *remember* to get all of them done. (Far and away the most crucial reason I committed to Fabulous is that I have trouble remembering everything I want/need to do.) There is a habit called “Revise and Recommit” that I have found helpful for dealing with to-do lists that consistently remain undone (especially if you’re consistently not getting your three most important goals done): it involves checking in on your to-do list later in the day and revising and recommitting to your goals. If you find your lists are consistently not getting done, that can be a helpful exercise.
Daisy Z.
Figure out why. I started off by scheduling too many things. I also didn’t leave room for the stuff that just comes up, like getting a flat tire or a new urgent project or a sick kid. Finishing my list got a lot easier when I started being realistic about my time and energy and interruptions
Janos T.
I will do it before I go to bed every day to be prepared for the next day. Or I wont blame myself and try again next day.