How do I stop comparing myself to others? Something othe than the usual answers of, “appreciate what you have, live your own life,” etc. etc. Thinking like that is helpful, but it isn’t enough. I’m still comparing.

Vincent U.
Hi there! I know the feeling to constantly compare myself to those around me. The honest answer is that you likely will always compare yourself a little bit, as it’s simply human nature. HOWEVER, its more about recognising your own self worth so that when you do start comparing, you go “well actually, even though they’re great at [blank] I am also really good at [blank] in my own way and I should be proud of that” or “yes, their outfit is great, but I look freaking good in this shirt” etc. It’s all about building your own confidence really to the point where you don’t care what other people are doing, or what they think, because you’re perfectly comfortable and happy with your own decisions about your life. Another helpful thing I find is to disconnect from the world for a little bit (wether it be a quiet weekend at home or just an afternoon of reflection) and just redefine who you are. Might have rambled a bit in there but I hope this is helpful in one form or another.
-M xx
Talita Q.
If it’s something you struggle with…give it time. Prioritize making small changes every day, no matter how small. Keep working each day to change how you understand your mind and it’s health. There will always be someone who is better, ALWAYS. This realization can help humble your journey when it comes to what you are seeking. As dull as this sounds, be patient and keep taking it day by day. The best part is that you already recognize this. Rome was not built in a day. You’ve already taken the right steps using this app. I hope this helps. But for real, only you can bring your uniqueness to this world. I hate to say this but it does take time. A victory will come your way.
Dana T.
i cannot give you an answer because i do the same thing. İnstead of thinking you should appriciate what you have, you can try comparing what you have in detail and then try to find the similariries you share. This seem to help me a little more.
Ronald C.
Going inside yourself and taking the time to figure out the reasons you are comparing yourself to others. Self help books and resources can be helpful and I also recommend finding a Professional Counselor to help one journey their way through this. Anais Nin said, “And the day came when the ridd SD k it took to stay tight inside the rosebud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” A Counselor can help when that happens in our own lives and it sounds like you are ready for the journey that such growth brings.