I find detailed todos easier to complete. What is your best way to write actionable todos?

Em F.
I've been bullet journalling for five years so I don't need detailed to dos most of the time to achieve them, but if that's what works for you, keep on it!!
Josefin F.
I am A musician, so i find that if i split up my practice time in increments of 15 I will have a more productive session. Detailed todos are nice, I like the feeling of crossing out a task that I've completed
Jayden U.
Especially when I feel overwhelmed I like to include the tasks that normally come natural, such as make tea, or react on message of [friend]. When I need to call or email someone of which I do not have the details, I like to look up the phone number or e-mailadres and add it as detail to the task, so that it’s easier when I feel it is the right time to pick up the task. Also, when my to do list is long I tend to prioritize, based on importance and time dependency.
Villads Y.
I find if I put everything on the to do list for today it becomes unmanageable so I only allow myself to put 5-7 things. Anything else that comes up, I put on tomorrow or the following days to do list. I also create to “get to do list” for things I want to do and can reward myself with them as I knock off actual to dos.
Jeffrey B.
Always use a verb. – GET groceries, WASH the dishes, SEND the birthday email, SORT the tax papers, LOOK UP the information, WRITE the report summary.

The other thing is to break big fuzzy jobs down into smaller, more specific ones. If “write the report” is too general, start with “write the introduction” or “summarize the sales figures” or “outline the report.” “Get haircut” may need to be “call to make haircut appointment”. Be as detailed as you need to be.

Kalli X.
I normally write down what I want and what I have to do. After that I create a clipboard time line to know when I'm about to start a task
Clinton E.
Fool your mind by including a very easy task inside tha hard one as if the easy one is major. By focusing on that water for example while starting the steps in your mind doing the hard task you move the light energy into that harder issue. You will forget about the fears.
Dragan F.
I usually make a list with times and priorities. Since I log my time, I write todos in red, the actual activities in blue and mark green everything that went according to my plans. I can therefore recapitulate my day and adjust my plans accordingly
Nadya Z.
I have a weekly list and smaller tasks each day. I tick off the things I've done and move the ones i haven't to the next day or next week and don't beat myself up for not doing stuff.
Lesi N.
I am still trying to figure it out. I like the rewards of checking items off the list but I am still trying to find my groove in what works for me.
Morris O.
Well todos are very important in people’s lives.Todos are important because they get you very organized .You right something on a piece of paper and if you forget you can just check the paper and you know what to do that is how important todos are .
Thank you