How do you keep focus to complete the To Do list?

Austin Z.
Well I tend to focus on the most imoortant things first. It is important to keep the to do list as short as possible as day brings its own distractions. Also it is important to keep these distractions to minimum. As well to do list should be fluid, and in case something of higher importance comes up you should switch to it immediately.
Clara Z.
I give myself hard deadlines to complete them and focus on clearing out my to do list
Travis C.
I check it every day… run back to it when I remember something…. it keeps my thoughts in order. Always have a pen handy…n some paper…. just in case you remember some more 🙂
Sally W.
I don't always manage to complete my todo list – life gets in the way. But what I try to do is zero down the list at the end of the day. Schedule tasks to do on other days, or even drop them if they aren't needed. I pair my morning todo list with my 'top 3 tasks' habit. I always endeavour to do the top 3 things on my list every day.
Joyce O.
Spend time writing it so that you can know each task is genuinely possible based on how much time you will have and being generous with how much time each task will take. This puts less pressure on you. Also start with small manageable tasks. And for anything that feels daunting just break it up into 20 minute chunks with only small checks within that like "fold basket of laundry" vs. clean entire room. And then take little breaks and give little rewards. Leave space for unexpected tasks.
Marion Y.
I enjoy making to-do lists. Downloading the list in my head is a real relief! I like to highlight for priority and make notes. The more detail on the paper, the more room in my head for other things.
Carlene E.
I just pick 2-3 most important and try to complete them. Keep it simple. To do list suppose to make our life simpler, dont they?
Louis G.
I find it difficult to keep focused to complete a to do list. Most times I never complete it in the required time. But I try to keep checking on the list to make sure I get things done
Jerry S.
I sit down before I go to bed and think of what I need/want to do the next day and make a quick list either on my phone or on some paper. The next morning I go through the list and prioritize what needs to be done, and shorten the list to become realistic. I personally love To Do-lists and it has helped me a lot to choose only three things to do, as I have a tendency to put a hundred things down and then never finishing it. I actually do what's on the list now.
Wilma J.
I have to start my task list the night before. It’s just a rough draft but if I don’t it takes me too long to do in the morning and it eats in to my limited child free time. I can’t get my daily task list done in the 10 minutes the challenge gives us though regardless. I need a solid 30. I use a timer, and I sit outside with my coffee and do my task list. I don’t let myself check my email or texts or social media until I’m almost done. Then I quickly check my email for anything I need to attend to that day and add it if necessary. When I’m finished I reward myself with 15 minutes to read the news, scroll through social media or whatever with my coffee. I also make sure that I don’t write my task list till I’ve showered, dressed, done my make up and hair and gotten the kids out of the house for school. The getting ready for my day makes me more productive and also ready to start tackling tasks right away.
Baldemar Q.
I make it a point to put items on my to do list that are easily obtainable like fold laundry or do the dishes. It makes me feel so good to cross off the items that I'm motivated to continue completing my list. If it's hard to finish everything in one day I move the item (s) to the next day. The sense of accomplishment is what helps me want to finish the tasks.