Keeping up with exercise in the morning is my worst habit, no matter the reminder. I have four kids to attend to. How can this be accomplished?

Jim P.
Hi, Inamnlt in your situation so difficult to say. I do get up before everyone else my household to do my sport though.

Johnni Z.
Bless you for the amazing work you do of caring for those 4 kids! That's a workout in itself!
The solution, I've found, is to exercise some other time in your day. Morning exercise may be very beneficial, but the fact of a busy life is that it might not be practical. The important thing is to develop an exercise routine that keeps you healthy, and that you can look forward to as a time to renew yourself.
Is there another time of day where you can find 10 minutes or more to exercise?
In a busy life with kids, I also try to fit micro-workouts into my day: When I have to bed down and get up again, I do squats instead; when I run errands, I park as far away from my destination as I can, and walk briskly. When I have to stand in place, I do Mountain Pose from yoga, or I bounce slowly on my toes. I set aside more time at least two days a week for a real workout of 30 minutes; I bought a new yoga mat and new workout clothes to make sure I cement the routine. And I bought a special yoga mat that I keep in my bedroom, where I do just 5 minutes of gentle poses at the end of the day. It's both refreshing and relaxing before bed.
When I do all this, I find that I'm calmer and I actually have more energy to give to the kids.
I hope this helps. Good luck!!

Holly E.
Break up your workout. Plan those workout pieces across your day based on opportunity not fixed schedule. That way you won’t feel like you have to have a whole hour at once to get it done. It’s amazing what several 15 min blocks can do over the week. I try and pick one muscle or one body move per piece.

Magno Y.
I have kiddos too. I put my shoes and a warm outfit next to the bed the night before. In the morning my alarm goes off at 4:45 am, I grab a drink of water than sneak out the back door before the kids or my hubby wakes up.

Egil P.
Hi! I would give each child a job to do. For example, give the oldest one the job to organize the shoes and jackets (if needed) for their siblings. Give the youngest one the job to put their breakfast plates in the sink. As for the two middle children, you could give them the job to organize all the backpacks (help put in folders and such.) There are many tips on Pinterest on how to deal with this type of situation…hope this helped! Bye!