How do you deal with the pressure of a never-ending to-do list?

Colin E.
Break tasks into easy to do small steps.
Look at your tasks and do the most important first.
Care for yourself as well as you can.
Kylie T.
Prioritize into groups (groceries, getting nails done, clothes shopping, cleaning, working out etc.) then make subcategories like (Groceries- what kind of food you want or working out- what type and how long are you trying to workout) Then I plan the best routes to take for the shortest drive time so I don’t have to go back and forth all day! Just figure out what’s close to what (like the gym to the grocery store, and the nail salon what’s the fastest routes) just copy and paste your Titles and subcategories to make it easy for you to get things done. Also doing it this way makes it so much easier if your like me and randomly have to add things to the lists!!
Tristan U.
I choose to see it as a great way to accomplish my goals; keeping in mind that small goals are just as important to reach as greater ones. Setting goals like “finish last meetings paperwork ” or “register the new bike for insurance” are worthy of a celebratory feeling when completed: I finished what I started as ntended- jeij 👏🏼🎉. Pat yourself on the back, embrace your efforts and aknowledge even your smallest victories in order to overcome the learned helplesness we are so acostumed to. Stop trying and just do it – you know you want to. Peace out❣️