I have difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. Despite serious lack of time, I still find myself procrastinating. How can I stop?

Art E.
I have found prioritising jobs really using to stopping me procrastinating. I use A for important, B for you need to do do, C for not essential right now. I ensure all A’s are done first and make sure at least all the B’s are done by the end of the day. Any jobs from C that I haven’t done, move onto tomorrow’s list and become a B job. That way I know it will get done.
Ma Va Y.
Best thing to do is to start. Pick up the pen and start to scribble and that scribbling will lead to words and now your task is in process.
Halina P.
Procrastinating is a problem, but it can have different reasons. Deep work really helps me. If you have many interruptions log during Deep Work I recommend to not write them but to write T as thought and F as feelimg. You can found more on Noting technique on Headspace app. I can't say that with your explanation I can understand your reasons for procrastinating, your main focus should be on the reasons, because procrastinating is effect, you should work on cause for that specific effect. For me it's helpful to meditate on Simple Habit app section On the go Work break where you can choose meditation Improve foczs or Stressed, choose 5 minites meditation. Sounds of nature also help me focus. I choose music from youtube and convert it with online converter. Search for soothing music and music for concentration. First listen and which music makes you feel relaxed choosw that music. Best wishes. ☺️
Sofie W.
Remember to take frequent breaks and I have yet to use this technique, but I've read that setting a timer where you absolutely have to start once the timer sets off has been helpful. Something like 10 minutes, to give you time to relax and prepare for the task at hand.
Sofie W.
When I do this, it's because my "list" of things to do is full of items that are too large and broad to even get started on. Try making an actual list and break down the large tasks into smaller ones. Then prioritize the ugliest of those smaller tasks to do first. Once you knock those out, the rest of your tasks will fall like dominos. You're new problem will be finding the will to STOP working on your list. I hope that helps.
Isaiah C.
Use a timer, plan a break and switch of al notifications on your phone. If you’re at the office, put on your earplugs and the not disturb mode.
Ninon T.
Nice question. I think we all have the same problem with procastination. In my opinion, you should stay away from electrical devices except your laptop if have to. Set timer for 1 hour and fully focus on the task. After every 1 working hour, stand up and go around or have a drink for 10 minutes. Then get back to work.
Heidelinde A.
The best way to overcome procrastination is to understand it. Procrastination stems from a negative feeling about the task, of you can finding a way to change your perspective about it and become more excited to do it, you will H-E-B one step closer to motivating yourself towards completing these tasks promptly