Where do you write down your to do? Do you have a notebook or calendar or an app on your phone?

Arianna Z.
EVERYWHERE. Haha. I use my phone (on-the-go) and planners (at my desk). I also use various notebooks and notepads. Literally everywhere is where I keep my to do’s. But I normally work off of my phone. An app called Things 3. Hope that helps! 🙂
Juan U.
I was doing the list in a notepad but found if I was out and about I didn’t have access to it and wasn’t achieving what I set out to do. I then started writing it in the fabulous app under the to do task, but also found I wasn’t achieving it as I couldn’t check it off. I just started using my reminder app on my phone and will see how that goes, as I can update it and check them off as I go as I always have my phone with me.
Hazel E.
I have paper where i see it the most; on the refrigerator, if on my phone I wouldn't see it when needed, so the frig is where mine goes.
Karl Dieter E.
I use an app. I know I am not supposed to but I end up losing my notebook or I won’t have it on hand when I need to write something down and then I will forget it.
Timeo O.
Mine goes from notebook to frig. On the frig, I for sure Will see& look at every day, if i just leave in n,book or app i will never look at it.
I hope this helps..
Peace & mindfull body.
Mathias B.
I write my to dos on a white board stuck to my fridge. I don’t like wasting paper all the time but love to physically write the to dos rather than have them on my phone.
Diedrich Y.
All the ways you mentioned are great. I prefer to use my planner that I got from school. Since I had got into the habit of using it I have just decided to stick to it.