Everyone has the same hours, but everyone does not have access to the same resources, which is still not an excuse. How do I remained focus on my own achievements, without comparing my 24 hours spent to Beyonce and Oprah’s?

Daniele S.
Stop thinking that Oprah or Beyonce have it any better than you. They don't. Parts of their life they will be comparing to yours with the same feeling you have here. You are already successful – success is not in the future it is only here and now & that is where your experience it.
Sohan E.
I want to focus on myself and my own life. I think about how am I gonna be in few years and I’m focusing on the fact to be better person
Jo S E.
I’m sure I’ve answered this before. We do not all have the same resources. We also don’t all start from the same place. For instance I have problems with executive function which means I find a lot of tasks that many people consider easy or every day far too difficult to manage in addition everything else. Beyoncé and Oprah most likely have access to more resources, staff and a lot more money than you and I do they are able to outsource their to do list or have someone else organise it for them. You can only do your best, let some things go and experiment with what works and doesn’t work for you
Matthew Q.
everyone is different. not just "everyone's special! :)" but fundamentally different in the way they think, work, and what they're meant to do in their life. it's more important to continue reaching for the goals you have in your life than to compare yourself to somebody who is very different from you.
Karl Heinz E.
Give yourself a break. You are comparing yourself to the exterior profile of people who have staff to help with every aspect of their lives. Your best is good enough
Branca Q.
Seems like an unreasonable comparison because you have no idea what they do in a day. I wouldn’t compare with anyone. Use this app and start small and make steps to achieve tasks that benefit your own personal life. Mediate maybe. Take a walk. Eat more fruit. Clean out your closet. I feel if you are taking care of yourself and your surroundings, than you won’t care any longer about comparing yourself to others. Good luck.
Rick E.
It would help you to remain focused on your own personal goals and achievements if you reflect on what their significance they have in your life, and completion/reaching these goals means to you.

By reflecting on the significance of your goals, I mean asking why you set them. What made you want to set the goals, what's kept you from achieving them in the past, what are you doing differently now or what can you do differently to reach them, and how will reaching these goals make a positive impact on your life.

Comparing your life to another's on resources alone is not positive, and it is quite unfair to yourself and the other people you're trying to compare against. Oprah and Beyonce don't set the same goals, because their individual lives are vastly different. It's fine to use their goals for inspiration to create your own, but your goals need to be personal to you.

Make sure your goals are manageable, and that you break them down into takes that will infact help you reach them. Identify and anticipate obstacles you will undoubtedly come up against, and then break down tasks to overcome them to reach your goal. You're lack or excess of resources shouldn't be an excuse to not reach your goals and spend your time feeling badly about yourself. Change your perspective, and identify way to obtain the resources you need to achieve your own personal goals.

If your goal is to be a singer like Beyonce, then figure out what you need to do it achieve that.

Reflect on your own individual strengths, talents, and set measuresble achievable goals. When you reach them, set more. By doing this, manifestation by using the secret (watch the documentary on Netflix), and willpower to stay positive and not give up; that is 100% how Oprah and Beyonce got where they wanted to be. So try that for yourself.

In summary, I suggest you watch the secret to help you learn an amazing way to draw positivity into your life instead of negativity (like attracts like), work on thinking positive thoughts, and start setting manageable goals and list the tasks you need to do in order to get there.

Goal setting can be big, with small milestone celebration goals. Start there, and take a look at what tasks you can do to start reaching those milestone goals.

You'll get there, just don't give up. I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Benjamin Z.
The 24 hours is a unique experience for all of us. We know what we have obtained and what we would like to attain. It is important to ensure that we are working toward our goals, no matter where we are in the process. At a time when I was a student in college taking a class in chemistry with people younger and more advance. I had to remind myself that Edison and Einstein didn’t not have innate knowledge and they too passed this point where I was. I had to keep my eye on the prize and do what needed to be done for me.
Olivar E.
I don't think another human's achievements should be looked at in comparison, if you instead see them in admiration then you can focus on how to achieve the same success, if thats your desire
Gavin Z.
Spend your spare Time today , when not doing as you have scheduled , to compare how you have done today compared to you and your scheduled day,
Then repeat tomorrow.
Then repeat daily.
Review your question in 3 months.
Paola J.
Well, you’ve got to live your own life. WhT is important to you? Comparisons to Beyoncé or Oprah are a waste of time! Our lives are our own: what do we want to make of them? Just because we don’t have. Millionaire s resources. Doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to manage our lives in a meaningful way.
Carla F.
Don’t compare your journey to others. What I’M working on today is going to be different than what YOU’RE working on. Everybody has their own path. And as long as we try to reach our own personal goals, that’s all that matters.
We are all humans, doing the exact same thing, just working with the resources we are given.
If you compare yourself, you’ll never win.
As I like to say, hold on to your kite.
YOUR kite. Nobody else’s.
Carl C.
Beyoncé and Oprah are great goals to achieve to be like or model your day like. Of course the means of what they can afford to yours is different, but isn’t a excuse to not achieve their greatness at your level.

No one can just spring from zero to star status, it’s a long line of little commitments to one self of eating right, working out, self love and true engagement in knowledge to become better!

If you set your one goal of what you want to be. Then write all the things needed to achieve that goal. Give yourself a set date to reach it. Then take the days to get to that goal and split out your steps daily, by crossing each off you begin to work deeper then your current actions, your subconscious engages and you become a driven soul like Beyoncé and Oprah. They know what they want to be and always have. They take the small steps daily to look as one great person to all in a snapshot moment. But it still takes the everyday actions for them to stay great!

Rosa X.
The way to remain focus is by incrementally increase the number of tasks and the organization. Oprah and Beyoncé have probably less time to waste in between activities. Everything revolves around how one reduces the waste of time.
Loreta S.
Review your goals and dreams at the start of day
Set your schedule for today
Do that
Check in that you did as planned
Note the learning
Celebrate the struggle and growth
Meghan G.
We shouldnt use social media frequently , otherwise time passes very quickly, In addition we can use count to 5 method and when we feel so tired to do smth, if we count to 5 and do it at once, then it will be easier to go on after beginning
Theobald U.
Being honest I don't feel the need to compare to others in this case. I may observe and learn but comparing to celebrities only because they are celebrities is not very smart I guess. If I have an achievement to get, I just divide it for small pieces and enjoy the process. If this is not ejoable process I try to make it so or I just don't think if this is enjoyable or not. I just do.