Can to-do lists be used to develop good habits?

Mathis O.
I try not to combine my habits with my to do list. I did that in the past and it made me feel overwhelmed. with all the habits someone might do in the morning and he afternoon it makes your to do list seem immense and insurmountable. that's why I try to have the habits labeled as habits I'm working on right now. they are things that are allllll ways expected to be done so putting it on my to do list ( which I see as a list of things I get to pick and choose the priority and completion time of) would mentally move them in my mind from something that will get done to something that may or may not get done. Everyone is different though and this may not work for you. or it may work for new things that you want to eventually make a habit but are just trying out now to see if you like it. that is why Journaling and meditation can be on my to do list – because I haven't yet solidified them in my mind as things I will commit to daily.
Nadia G.
Yes! It keeps me focused tats for sur, and love checking off a list. Great sense of accomplishment.
Diana E.
Yes helps U stay on track with what needs to happen in your day to day life
Gail O.
If you are a list person yes. If not it’s a way to develope the habit of organizing your life. I started with daily and worked my way into carrying a two year planner. I keep both work and personal info in it to help plan vacations and meetings.
Glen Q.
Yes it does and makes it easy for you to be focused and feel more accomplished
Jeanne E.
Yes, I believe so. When introducing a new habit in your day, Ibelieve it's useful to write it in your to-do list so you het reminded of it as you look at the list. Once the habit is ingrained in your personality there is no need to keep writing it down, but it might still help have a sense of achievement when looking at your planner a d seeing how you're keeping up the habit.
Matt C.
It depends on if what's on the to do list. If it's something you do every single day yes it can. But sometimes it's random things you may or may not do again. I think it's borderline habit forming. If your to-do list is a constant with what you put on it daily can create a routine which then can turn into a good habit. Also the task of doing the to-do list itself can be habit forming. Do you get what I'm saying?
Nembrode C.
For me, the to-do list transformed my ability to complete tasks. It has not been instrumental in developing other habits, but the habit of making my morning to-do list has developed because of the way I let my system become a part of me. Personalizing the habit seems to make habits more sticky for me than anything else.
Sisenando C.
Of cause you can use to-do-lists to develop your habits. Personally I create my to-do-list like a timeline for my day, in this way I can perfectly write down things kind of "morning routine", read one chapter of this book, go to school, "act of kindness", go home, cook and eat, do my homework, "afternoon routine" and at least "evening routine". This is just an example, but hopefully you understood what I mean
Alison F.
Yes. It keeps one concentrated on the goals and reinforces the action taken for developing an habit.
Suzanna P.
Yes because it reminds you of things you need to focus on for the day (as long as you remember to check your list!!!)
Domenico F.
Yes it can. To-do lists help focus your mind on what you need to do, and also are a good way to get the monkey mind (worries and distractions) on paper and out of your head. Also when you see your todo list written down it really helps prioritize time. I like the Eisenhower decision matrix personally, it helps me see what i’m doing for myself vs for others, and reminds me which things are supporting larger life goals. It’s easy for me to feel guilty about taking time to do the kind of lifechanging things that are important over time especially if they are immediately rewarding, like painting or writing. I think of all those day to day things that have to be done instead. But when i write these things down, and remind myself that they’re not just fun, but helping me with my long term goals, it helps me shift my perspective and organize my time around becoming who i want to be, and i also enjoy myself more.
Freia E.
I believe so. I realised that to do lists help me visualise everything I have to do in a day or week and I can organise my time accordingly. This allows me to keep up good habits that I would otherwise not have the time for.
R Mulo Q.
Yes. Very much so. It helps relieve the stress of not wanting to forget anything and keep me focused instead of distracted by worrying about what to do next.
Calvin O.
Yes, because (in my case) I can list everything I have to do and feel more accomplished when I'm able to tick all of my to-dos. It's like a little victory and once everything is done, I feel more relaxed, without the constant thought of "did I forget something?"
To-do lists are also helping me with time management. When it comes to routines, I tend to get side tracked, trying to multitask (and failing miserably), but if I'm able to do one thing at a time I can actually gain some time and do everything I need.
Also having a visual of what's to do helps find a strategy on how to tackle the day.
Oscar Y.
To-do lists are a way for you to remember, to take it in and to organise. You are also freeing your mind from that thought as you write it down and relief yourself from the nagging back thought of 'something i had to do but forgot'. It makes your goal more clear and helps you towards it.
Francis A.
They can.
By creating a to-do list, I find that my mind and my objectives become clearer and more organized. It really helps if the new habit is at the top of your list.
It is hard to remember to look at to-do lists, sometimes, so I try to keep them in visual places. Some days I also get distracted by other things and just forget about them. But that shouldn't be a problem: even if I do forget to do a few things I've established as what I want to be my habits, I get back to them the next day and ever so slowly they truly become habits. I do also try to keep monthly and weekly objectives somewhere more permanent and still obvious to fuel parts of my daily to-do lists.
Ingo E.
Yes, at least it does for me. It keeps me aligned with what I need to get done.
Bozena J.
There are massive benefits to creating a to-do list, and reflecting on the things you want to get done in a given set of time.
Charles E.
Yes I do like to do list. It get me to focus on what I have to do.
Gail T.
I would say yes, having a to-do list helps me feel more organized. I'm in control than external things controlling my life. So I want to keep the habit up.
Solange Z.
Absolutely, but I still have a problem writing too many things to do. I’m a creative and one thing has several things attached to it and my mind starts to wonder in vivid colors, adding more things to do. It all takes practice I’m learning.
Elio C.
Yes, they give focus and clarity to task that are important.
Isaac O.
Yes. I have used a daily to do list to successfully incorporate good habits into my routine including ensuring I take the time to eat lunch and take time out for myself. I've developed good practices including doing household chores regularly. The act of doing the to do list is beneficial in other ways as I can limit the number of items ensuring that I don't over face myself and at the same time put enough on to ensure I keep busy and challenge myself. I am also able to break down larger projects into smaller tasks, adding the next one each day to ensure continuous progress
Jimmie E.
Depends on the To-Do List that one is creating. But some can definitely be used to build good habits.
Silke Y.
The short answer is yes.
It works because putting pen to paper somehow creates a commitment. Focusing on something that you have to do is achieved. The day is less amorphous. That is the biggest thing. You realize how much you can do and how much time it really takes to get things done after you start making and using the list.
The haze that exists without the list can make you get nothing done because you have no starting point. This gives you points for your day around which other things can and will be done. You can actually find peace in getting through your day.
My mind was blown when I looked back and realized that I had been doing it for months. I had never done it before. It even helps on days off.
Feeling good about getting something done will make you want to get more done and you will.
Paula E.
Yes it can. I think to-do lists let you write down what you need to do and when you find yourself demotivated or listless you can easily go back to the to-do list to check what you should be doing.