How should I prepare my to-do list for to maximize the use of my time?

Susano P.
Its pretty simple but needs discipline to make time for putting it down. Create a one stop shop for ALL ur tasks in hand and that keep coming over and over again. Assign an 'Impact' and 'Urgency' using the scale of High, Medium & Low scales where the less time u have for the task to complete the higher the priority. Similarly the more the impact to u if u dont do a task, then higher the impact.

Once u have this list every other day set aside about 5 mins to prioritise and sequence / rank the activities basis the impact and urgency. Where required if u have additional info around only u could do it get them on top. Where someone else could do, delegate and
ensure its followed up for closure.

Go by the order in which its prioritized and complete one at a time. Key thing: Don't worry that u have a big list at any time. Say to your self that you are getting better at it and soon u will clear this off. Ta ta you are already crunching ur task lists.

Gabriella I.
I have a backpack so I always have my notebook and a pen on me. If I’m rushing in the mornings (it happens), instead of taking the time when I first wake up I’ll make my list during my commute or while waiting for the train, which always takes about as much time as me making my list. The lists I make are simple and don’t contain my whole schedule or anything, which is what I used to do. Instead, I only write down the specific activities that I need to do that day with the most important at the top, like paying my phone bill or sitting down to write.
Esther G.
Get as many tasks as you remember. Then you should prioritize the three most important. That’s your ‘must do’ line. Every time you get to complete one of the top tasks, you can upgrade to the top the next most important task. You will be focused rather than having dispersed tasks.
Addison G.
When I right out my to do list I put the month and date, then I write and obligations I need to go to and there times then I ideally stick to about 5-7 to dos and try to keep them relatively simple and short hope that helps!
Louis N.
I put times on my list. I read somewhere that tasks normally take 3 times longer than you think they will so triple the time until you find out the real time. Upside – you get done early or a simple phone call doesn’t derail your whole schedule.
Ivonne Y.
I always put my most important jobs at the top of the list and everything else at the bottom. Sometimes I try to group small easy tasks together and break bigger tasks into their own small to do lists.
Lison O.
try changing your mindset, from maximization and efficiency to priorities. it demands from us to be very in tune with our selves and our wants and desires. instead of calculating time and have guilt over it