What sorts of to do’s do you include? And do you structure them somehow?

Ondino S.
My work week list is based on work priorities and my personal list is based on my priorities. I love lists and always have a work and personal list on the go. In many ways my work list is easier to make. For my personal to do list I organize it by what needs to be attended to first.
Sheryl E.
I'm a list person. It lets me see quickly what is and needs to be done so there is a list for different catagories and marking them off let's me see progress I am making.
Ella S.
i create a list for each aspect of my life. things i want in my professional life, my social life, and how i want to grow as a person. in each list, i order my to-dos by order of importance and i describe why it's important so i remember why i shouldn't skip it. finally, i create a monthly to-do with things to-do from each list, plus basic life things like do the laundry, groceries, pay bills, etc.