Is it better to smart with smaller or larger tasks

Kyle U.
Smaller tasks are much better to start with. It’s like giving yourself a foundation to be a better you. If you start with simple tasks that we take for granted, like breathing or drinking a glass of water, it will help you appreciate the larger tasks that much more.
Valerij F.
I believe it depends on the person. Some people need to start with smaller tasks in order to get to doing the big tasks. Others can start big. I personally think I work better with smaller to bigger tasks.
Diego T.
Depends. Sometimes for not doing the smaller tasks first, you end up pushing the deadlines on them, you stress about them and when you do them, you feel a quick relief and a feeling of "seriously that easy?". But if you do the largest last, you end up doing amounts of work that you could've easily portioned into smaller tasks throughout the days. I think it really comes down to what is most urgent and important, just like the Eisenhower Matrix.
Jo Y.
From a book I read about effective time management: if the tasks are important and achievable within 10 minutes, get them done immediately. Then start with the most important larger tasks. If more smaller, quick but important tasks show up, get them done at once and carry on with the important larger tasks. Don't allow yourself to get bogged down with a huge list of small tasks. Do them quickly as they arise if they are essential, or allocate slots during the day to batch complete smaller tasks (like emails). When the alloted time for small tasks is over, it's important to regain focus on bigger tasks.