How often do you look at and rewrite your to do list?

Ilaine Z.
I keep my notebook open on my desk and refer to it throughout the day. I rewrite my list each morning, starting with the unfinished items from the previous day – IF I still think they're worth doing.

This week I'm experimenting with a smaller pocket-sized book to see if carrying it away from work helps reinforce the habit

Charlene P.
I write one in the evening and tomorrow during the day I add other tasks. But before even writing to do list, I write my 3 priorities, they are easier to remember, so they like my course in sea of tasks.
Chlo E.
I start in the morning with the biggest things that will make a difference in my life. Then I add smaller things that aren't as important after the big ones are completed, and so on. So on average I would say that I check a few times a day
Andrew F.
I keep my to do list next to me at my desk.
That way I can add things to it. Makes it easy to remind myself of important things I need to do. πŸ“‹πŸ€“βœ…
Troy T.
I use the Todoist app. I look at my inbox every few days (when I remember), my due and daily tasks several times a day and my long term todos very infrequently. I love checking things off the daily list as it makes me feel accomplished. Would love to know how to tackle the other stuff but I'm surrounded by many other things currently
Dr Scila S.
I look at and rewrite my to do list on a daily basis (if not multiple times per day). However I'd like to focus more on rewriting as I gain more realistic expectations (vs trying to cram more to dos in each time I revisit). That process contributes a lot to me feeling overwhelmed and forces me to make really challenging choices about what to prioritize when I'm frazzled in the moment rather than having a clear plan before I reach the point of extreme stress.