How do you make meditating a habit? How does it feel going on? I have difficulty making habits which do not seem to give instant reward/result.

Chiara Q.
I’m still trying to make it a habit but it helps so much to reduce stress, I really want to make it a habit. When its going on it feels like theres no one else on earth except me and like nothing is more important than releasing my stress and anxiety at that moment.
Magda N.
For me, getting a proper meditation cushion (a zafu was what I bought, available online) was key to developing a habit. I put it out before I make my coffee, and then I sit down when I’m done, or I even sip my coffee as I go. On a daily basis, meditation helps me to feel centered and connected with my higher self, and helps with my adhd. Longer term, it has helped calm my anxiety by providing a space where I can recognize thoughts and fears as simply that— thoughts—and then let them go. It’s also a space where I can honor my need for peace and quiet; it’s like a present I give myself every day. If you are interested in a good reference for how to meditate, I would recommend Pema Chödron. Good luck!
Landon P.
I was meditating since couple years ago, without making it habit. I was doing it sometimes and when I look back I went a long way from wrong approaches and focusing on wrong aspects. I started meditating on daily basis half year ago and since then it became really pleasant for me. Every day I am looking forward my meditation. It takes long time to see any improvement in the area. What I did was pretty simple. I started with 10-minutes meditation and when I felt that it was too short I added one minute more. I have repeated this step every time I did not get enough of meditation instead of being tired by the lenght of it. Now I am doing 31 minutes per day.