Which techniques have you found successful to stick to your to-do list as the day goes on?

Robby F.
Honestly I couldn't finish my to do list the past two days. It's not that I have anything else to do, it's just that I don't want to do these things even though I know if I complete it now it'll make it easier for me in the future. I've come to the conclusion that I don't finish anything unless it's the last day to do it. And I find it really hard to just sit down and force myself to do the things I need to do. I think I'm too focused on forcing myself rather than the reason why I'm forcing myself. So now whenever I sit down and try to complete something, if the thought of being forced crosses my mind I try to tell myself why I'm doing it and how it'll help me in the future.
Riley N.
I find that having an alarm set as a reminder of things on my todo list helps, planning my day so I know what times I should be doing certain things on my list
Ian U.
Great question. I find I just have to keep it nearby and referring back to it as I go, and updating it as I go as well. I'm usually too optimistic as to what I can achieve in one day.
Gouthami Z.
When i keep the to do list in my visibility almost all the time. It will be at my work desk. It's exciting to cut off each square to be satisfied that i have done something useful for the day.
Abby C.
To start small. For exercise a few minutes and then up it from there. For weekly chores if I forget it one day then leave it be until next week, don't overload it onto the next day it has its own chores. Starting small also means going easy on myself. If I forget to do something then I have to remember I'm human and imperfect. I just need to do my best and try again tomorrow. To make a habit I need to keep the chain going yes, but I also shouldn't beat myself up when I do break it. So starting small with actions includes encouraging myself that messing up is okay is how I have found success in creating habits.
Charlotte U.
When I write out my to do list on able to see exactly what I have to get done. I'm able to see what I'm falling behind on. I'm able to see what my due dates are and my deadlines are. And I'm better to keep track of everything that I'm doing in my life right now I am very very busy. I am a full-time psychotherapist with a full-time job at an agency and the private practice on the weekends and I am also a full-time PhD student trying to finish up my doctoral work. I don't know what I would do without the list of things to do
Leah O.
I like to physically write a list down so I get the satisfaction of crossing things off as I go. I also have worked at making manageable lists, knowing if I DO finish everything I can always add to the list, so I try to stick to 3-6 things that are specific and not generic (like wash the dishes, clean the sink, wipe down the counters, and wash the floor instead of simply 'clean the kitchen')
Jacqueline B.
I am using many techniques
Make a must do and can do list and a not to do list. In the must do list make three priorities high medium low and mark them to each task , now Mark the estimated time for every activity(before guessing the estimated time you should analyse the task first and then guess accordingly. Now now you should write when and where for every task in the must to do list
Mya S.
I write them down on a sticky note and stick them on my bedroom door, or set the list as my phone background, so I see it all the time and am reminded to finish my tasks 🙂
Gloria F.
Making a to do list! I get scatterbrained and this really helps me stay on track! If I veer too much off I'm always able to remind myself what I need to be doing.
George P.
Part of it is setting a reasonable to-do list, and the other part is not to fret about an order. If I’m feeling unmotivated, I pick the easiest task on the list and do it immediately. Sometimes, I reward myself for a finished list with some game time, a new ebook, or some time on a hobby.
Clarissa J.
I find it easier to stick with doing one task at a time. I also use a timer app called focus to-do. It lets you use the pomedoro technique which let's you work on a task for 25 minutes and then take a short 5 minute break. You can adjust the time to your liking though. Also, using noise cancellation headphones to drown out any noisy distractions.
Abel Mio B.
Make the time to check things off your list! It’s such a little thing, but if I can check stuff off my list, it renews my motivation. My partner does a thing where they start their to-do list with something they’ve already done (ex: Eat Breakfast), so they can check something off as soon as they finish the list, and that helps them too.
Heather U.
The technique that has worked best for me sticking to my to-do list is keeping it with me at all times. If I can't see it easily and quickly, I tend to forget.
Andreea V.
I make sure I do them in the first half of the day. Because once I am done working and I am home laziness might take over and end up not doing much in the second half of the day
Krutika Z.
Getting to see it again and again with reminders and ticking things off. Also a good start increases the chances of completing it.
Sancia F.
Specifying the tme!
If you note down when you want to do a certain task,you are more likely to finish it!
You could start by approximating the time and ry to finish the task right around that.
And there you go, your done!
Lucy R.
I find it useful to set a timer for focused work and note down any distractions to deal with later. Knowing I have that set time to focus on my most important tasks keeps me on track.
Rita T.
A coffee by the window in the morning. I like to wake up early enough to get a few hours in the day purely dedicated to my peace of mind. I plan for a 9-5 work schedule and don’t let myself stress until those hours.
Bailey I.
Keeping things that distract me out of sight. Out of sight = out of mind. If I really need to concentrate on something, but I have my phone constantly buzzing near me, nothing will get done. If I put my phone away, I am able to concentrate and I don’t think about it.
Oliver X.
I put up sticky notes with what I want to do on my bathroom mirror and make reminders on my phone. That way I’ll either always see the notes or when I’m procrastinating on social media it’ll pop. I just make it hard to ignore my list
Dan Z.
I just focus on one task at a time. Try and schedule which times of day I have the most energy to get things done. For example, I know that I have more energy early in the morning or late at night, so I try to schedule my 5k run for then. The afternoon I get a bit tired, so I usually schedule a more passive item, like laundry.
Oseas P.
I like to put my to do list somewhere that I can see like your desk, I also check it every now and then so I can accomplish my focuses but even though you think you have got nothing to tick it is good to check 👍😁