How do you fit writing your to-do list in your busy morning schedule?

Hildegart M.
I’m going to write my To do list in my planner every morning. I want to write it at the same time every day during my morning reflection and after I review my calendar.
Pauline G.
I keep both my journal and calendar by my bed. My calendar has a to do list built into it. So before I even get out of bed I’m writing in both
Ida A.
I keep it general and try to put it in order of importance of each item. I know that, for me, if I don't write it down I likely won't do it. So for me the investment of time pays off, because I actually work on checking things off the list. If I'm short on time at home, I'll think about it on my drive to work and write it down there.
Frederikke W.
I make it the last thing I do on my morning routine schedule, so that I can concentrate and remember what I need to do that day.
Valentin Y.
I just do it at the time i'm waiting for my breakfast to cook 😂. It's realy a short time but i keep doing it everyday and as fast as i can.
Magnus N.
I’ve found I need to write it out at the end of the previous work day, and then review and confirm it when I start the work day. Before and after work are too hectic, given family obligations.
Bas Lio S.
I find it better to write my To Do’s the evening before. That way I can rest easier with an uncluttered mind, and I can always add more the next day, or move them to another day. I make caring for myself and my family a priority. All the rest is prioritized from there. I’m learning not to stress over what is left undone, since one can only do so much in a day. Also, I add do something fun to my list everyday.
Reinhild A.
I keep it simple. For work, I write a to do list every Monday. List my priorities for the week. Add to it throughout the week as needed.
For personal to do, every weekend morning I write what I want to get done that weekend.

Overall, don't list every detail, and pick your top 3 to 5 priorities. If you list too many items it can seem overwhelming.

Almut F.
I give myself a small amount of time and write it wherever I can. Whether I'm on the bus, still at home, or somewhere else. I make sure I get it done.
Lola Y.
I write my to do list the night before and circle my top three items that I will focus on in the morning. This allows me to think about what is most important to me that day.
Grazyna T.
I don’t 🙂. I fit it into my evening routine. This also keeps me from worrying during the night about what I may have forgotten.