When writing my to-do list, I use piece of paper and cross things out as I accomplish them. I don’t do this in any organized manner and I don’t maintain a notebook. Should I do it the Fabulous way, or is it okay to do it my way?

Zanete N.
The fabulous way is good because it gives you a way to go through the steps one by one in order so it creates a routine out of all the habits. If you want to do it your way, just create a routine without a timer. Or create a routine that isn’t related to time. I have a few “by end of day” routines like mini habits, social routines and habits
Phoebe T.
I say do whatever works for you and helps you get thru ur day to day. I use my phone and numerous notebooks to keep track of my daily activities and duties
Milton S.
If your way keeps you organized enough & allows you to accomplish your daily tasks, go for it! But if you’re looking for an upgrade and want to try a new method, Fabulous app is a good place to start. I definitely use a notebook too and physically write a list of my to-do’s each morning. But I also try to log them in my app for a couple minutes each day, usually at night. This way I can evaluate how I did that day with a little recap, and start thinking about tomorrow’s list too.
Shane S.
If how you do it is working for you, I see no reason to change it! I write my to-do list in my school agenda or grocery list style. The only time I do it the organized notebook Fabulous style is when I'm making a list for a project (like all the steps I need to take in writing a term paper) so I can have it seperate from my more general to-do list! I think your style seems simple and practical, organising things all nicely can take time/mental effort that you could be spending on actually checking things off that list! No need to make it more difficult for yourself.
Dolores O.
I think everybody should do it in his/her own way. I have a bullet journal as I can 't maintain an agenda; for example.
Anita U.
Its better to keep your to do lists all organized in one journal. I find that it motivates me more hecause everytime i go to write a new to do list i am able to see everything I’ve already accomplished! Also when using a journal instead of just a piece of paper it makes it seem more like a routine than just a random scattered chore to do! Hope this helps
Alena A.
I think it’s best to adapt for what works for you. But I do like to have all my lists in one place so I can reflect back and remind myself to carry things forward if I did not accomplish them. I keep it in a planner but a plain notebook works too!