What time of the day is the best moment to write my to-dos?

Jessie E.
I write it in the morning, right after i have my breakfast. I take a nice cup of coffee, think about the day and start writing!
Jose U.
At fabulous they recommend first thing in the morning before you start, but I find it better last thing before the day before, so that you wake up with defined goals for the day.
Felix Z.
I like to write mine the night before. It helps me know what I need/want to accomplish that day from the get go. I include writing my to-do list as part of my evening routine, so I’m more prepared to be productive when I wake up.
Irma X.
On the on hand, writing to-do list in the morning gives a good kick in the day. On the other hand, thinking about next day before going to sleep lets me feel fulfilled and looking forward to waking up.
Charlie P.
I think through and write my to-dos on the evening. By that time I would have re-assessed my day and taken time to reflect on my future desires. Also it's a way for me to relax
Ellen O.
While I drink my tea. And my husband is reminding me to be flexible this AM since I had to wait for him to get out of my way, so I’m drinking tea and doing my list. Then I will walk. Nothing will stop me.
Mary Y.
I find writing them in the morning is most affective but then putting time aside in the evening to reflect on them again to adjust and make changes.
Mandy Z.
I write mine either first thing in the morning so I know what goals I have to get done that day OR I write the to-dos for tomorrow at night before I go to bed so that I wake up already set to go.
Gitte X.
For me best times is at 5:10 AM when I just woke up and right after having my morning water. Because this is quiet times for me, so most effective times for me to plan the day.
Lea F.
I think it depends on when you're calmest and can plan most clearly. It changes for me from the night before to the same morning. If I'm tired at night I take care of basic needs like relaxing and sleeping and do the list in the morning.
Taylor F.
depends on what your doing during the day, but for me it's right before I start working ! because before that I'm getting ready to start the day and when I'm starting to get in the work mode, then you'll get to know what the todo's are for that day 🙏🏻
R Ben Q.
The end of the day is great, like you’re brain dumping and clearing your mind before you go to sleep. Morning is good too, for that same reason.