What are the benefits of using an app for to do’s versus a notebook?

Sue F.
I use both. This app is great for habit tracking, but I like my personal thoughts to be private. If I use a notebook, I know I am writing for me and not editing my thoughts in case someone else reads them. This app reminds me to take the time to write.

Ivonete Q.
Well, I use both, I am a pen and paper person but having to writing down on the app help to find the priority task and if my to do list is realistic for the day

Javier O.
I see a notebook as just one more thing to carry around and clutter up my space. By using an app, you are sure have your to do's with you at all times. This makes it easier to quickly jot something down wherever you are, so as not to forget it 15 minutes later, but also to check things off or double-check if you're not forgetting anything, without having to grab your notebook all the time. Also the possibility to synch my app across my devices means I can add work tasks that I think of in the evening via my phone, and then get right to them on my computer when I get to work in the morning. Using an app feels effortless, almost like it's a cloud for my brain.

Arnaldo E.
It’s easier for me to carry around my ToDo List on my phone in an app and then check off items I have completed.

It also is easier for me to identify and keep track of some of my Daily ToDo items and helps remind me to complete that task.

However it is not good in that I tend to copy and paste a whole ToDo List which then sometimes devalues the importance of the ToDo List.

Alfred G.
Io penso che usare un taccuinopossa dare molto più gusto. La carta ha un sapore tutto proprio, non ancora riproducibile attraverso gli schermi dei nostri smartphone. Un'app, però, permettevdi sfruttare tutti i benefici del mobile computing e, generalmente, dei servizi in cloud. Se c'è un oggetto che ci accompagna ormai in ogni momento della nostra giornata, questo è lo smartphone. Quindi usare un'app ci permetterà di avere sempre con noi le nostre todo list. In più l'app cibpermett