Sometimes I still tend to think about too many things I have to get done and I would write them out in a list. Yet I still have trouble prioritizing them and sticking to the 3 most important ones. How do I get rid of this overwhelming feeling?

Sofia C.
I’m not sure. But perhaps try starting small. Or maybe try having a to do list that is only things that absolutely have to be completed. For example, meals, school runs, that sort of thing. Then a second list for the things you would like to get done. When I have free time in my day, I go to that second list and choose one. I also think it has helped me to really sit and think about what is important to me. And, lastly, keep up with Fabulous. They will show you how to do this better than I can explain. 😊

Vanessa E.
Remind yourself you are only human, you only have so much energy in a day. You still need to take time each day to relax and socialise. Despite however many things you have or want to do, you can only manage a few per day. Reward yourself for doing these things and you'll be more motivated to get through your tasks daily.