Which method do you have to migrate tasks to the next day, without writing them multiple times?

Oscar E.
It’s quite easy with an online calendar as you only have to drag from yesterday and drop on today. But sometimes it pays to rewrite, as it allows seeing the tasks accomplished and the ones which is taking forever to be done.
William C.
I normally just draw an arrow from the previous day or abbreviate it since I already know what it is – whatever I’m feeling!
Toni E.
I have a weekly to-do for things that are not day specific and which I might keep pushing to the next day. Once I commit to it I add it to the day. I use 𝚁𝚊𝚙𝚒𝚍 journaling day by day.
Edward C.
I am facing that same problem sometimes. I'm at the stage in Fabulous where it has asked me to make a timeline for the day on top of the to-do list. So, now I have a longer to-do list page in my notebook from which I draw every day as I make my timeline.

An alternative is to use a digital to-do list on your phone, like Wunderlist, perhaps Microsoft To-Do, or the more elaborate productivity app Trello. When it's digital, you can just change the due date on the to-do in order to move it to the next day.

Ideally though, daily to-do lists aren't too long. Ideally, they should be achievable that day. Maybe you want to differentiate between a long-term to-do list and a daily one…

Just some thoughts. 🙂

Blessings on your journey!

Marie C.
I put them in front of my computer to remember to do them first.
Jeppe Z.
I like to use my Google calender and Samsung notes in my phone. The calender I can share with anyone in my family and the notes allows me to make checklists that are handy and easy to manage.
Madison P.
Honestly that’s a tough one for me. I use the Fabulous app as inspiration and just a general overall helpful reminder. I feel the app is very supportive in that way. I tend to keep things in my mind as to what I have to do. However, I am honestly still tackling how to get a to do list as an actual functional part of my day. Unfortunately it is not something that I have fully adapted in part because I’ve always worked for others and working for yourself is a different type of activity. Do a to-do list is a tool to be used to help you get things done but I’m usually the person being told what to-do LOL so yeah…so if Fabulous can help make that happen that would be amazing.
Hilda Z.
I use a tick list on my phone or pen and paper and cross them out once done. If I can't get them done they stay on there and become a priority the next day. I find it so satisfying ticking them off when they are done and feels like I have achieved a day's work if they are all crossed out the end of the day but understand there are days that a few are left and that's ok
Randall T.
Usually if I can't complete a task one day it's because I need to change it or the way I'm doing it. When I have to move a task to another day, I give it priority or special instructions. "MUST DO TODAY" "Complete by 2pm"
If it's not pressing or important, I put it on my wall of projects to do. On days when I don't have much to do I pick a project from the wall.
Valdemar P.
Unfortunately I don't have any. Even though it's discouraged by the fabulous app I'm still using a digital app for maintaining Mt daily to-do list.
Anna F.
I have an app that collates all my to dos by project but I then select the ones I will work on during a day and write them into a diary.
Lois Y.
I don’t. I write them multiple times. If I’ve had to write it more than 3 times either I have to break the task down in to smaller chunks or ask myself why it’s actually on my list to begin with. I do spend mondays making a weekly task list and grouping tasks I can do together and block time in my calendar for those tasks. Like if I have to pickup something I ordered from a store, drop off dry cleaning, and stop in at a dance studio I’ve been investigating to get more info about dance lessons for my daughter then I’ll look at my calendar and block a few hours of time on the day I have to drop off donuts at the school for a class party or a day I have a doctors appointment since I’ll be out of the house that day anyway. I also estimate the amount of time tasks will take me (which is easier for me to do after I tracked my time for a few weeks and looked at the results) or I give myself a set amount of time to work on something and I work with a timer on. If it’s a bigger task and I’m not sure how long it will take I schedule an hour or 2 a day (depending on what my week looks like) and I work on it for that amount of time each day till it’s done…
Alfredo E.
I re-copy tasks from my to-do list to give myself physical feedback about what I didn't get done the previous day and as a good way to keep record of how many days I spent on it.
Christopher F.
I actually use an app even though Fabulous tells me not to. At the end of each day, I migrate any tasks that aren’t completed to a later day in the week or move them back to my digital inbox. At the start of each week, I categorize the tasks in my inbox based on whether they are urgent or not and important or not. I then loosely lay out the week so that I can accomplish as many important tasks as possible.
Eus Bia S.
I write my to do on one paper and add to it and cross off as I do them. I don't make daily to do anymore because there is never enough time for me to do everything I want. This way the pressure is off, the list is there and I don't have to rewrite it. If there are a couple things I absolutely have to get done that day I will put them in my phone as reminders
Tim Y.
I make it a priority.