How do you prioritize your daily tasks?

Kelly S.
I struggle with prioritizing since I have anxiety. Sometimes I do a brain dump and I just write everything down and get overwhelmed as a see my endless amount of tasks. It is hard sometimes to concentrate and lately I have been just tired and overwhelmed.
Melanie O.
I look at the things I know I should have done by a certain date and list those first. I make sure to get what I need done that day is accomplished first.
Magnus W.
My way of prioritizing my tasks is a mix between what’s most urgent and what I want to do most. And also sometimes there are things I must do first in order to continue with other tasks so that also influences the way I prioritize my tasks.
Conrado E.
I first prioritize important and urgent tasks. These are things that need to get done by today the latest. Then I prioritize tasks that are not urgent but important and that could require also someone else to do something with them.
I always prioritize together my work and personal life tasks for personal balance and real sense of need.
Billie Z.
I think about the activity that most weighs the rest of my day down. For me, that’s exercise. If I don’t exercise in the morning, then the thought always nags me while I work and makes everything I do less efficient. So I ask: what do I have to get out of the way so it’s not lingering in the back of my head? And that’s usually the best starting point.
Alicia O.
By listing them all in my notebook. I then highlight the ones that are time sensitive. Tasks that need to be done by the way are highlighted in yellow. Once I complete those items I highlight them green then pick more to highlight in yellow next.
Jonat Q.
I prioritize my tasks by first listing them out (brain dump style) then reviewing each item.

I ask myself if the task will move the needle (get me closer to reaching my goals).

The tasks that move the needle are my priorities.

I also try to limit my to do list, less is more. I feel overwhelmed when I have a long list.

I try adding at least one fun thing to the list.

I hope that helped.