What do you do to pick yourself back up and keep going when you fall into a rut?

Norah Francois
I prepare everything the last night, I have always a list to do and I really like to do all of them and see the check mark. It’s really motivator. And didn’t eat same things everyday, I’m vegan and I eat someday a banana and apple, some days I eat a berry smoothie or an oatmeal that I’ve prepared it from last night. It’s completely depends on yours.

Tommy May
This has been one of my biggest challenges in forming new habits. I listened to a recording of a talk someone gave years ago, and she talked about bringing this problem to a very close friend. Her friend responded: “Ah, yes, I used to struggle with that myself. Then I learned not to beat myself up, even one little bit, when it happened, and to tell myself: ‘Simply resume.’” I’m not sure why but this has totally worked for me. Whenever I lapse and don’t do the new habit, I just say to myself, “It’s okay. Simply resume.” And then I do the habit that day, and I’m always right back on track. Hope this helps!

Fatih Rühl
Look forward and think of the progress that you have made and the good that can come along as you go. We are human and we are not perfect. You will probably fail for a moment but you will keep going and get better at each step.

Filinto Da rocha
I’m also struggling with this question. Life derails my focus and I slump into old habits. Awareness and Journalling helps.

Gordon Simmons
I make a new plan to put water by my bed at night, set my alarm and ly my clothes out to get to the gym early in the morning, and I buy a snack pack of fresh veggies and ranch dressing at the gas station convenience store. Next I plan my next fasting day which gives me a boost of mental and physical clarity. And I make a date with a good friend. Tomorrow is always a new day to make a fresh start.