What do you do when all your tasks seem so HUGE and difficult to accomplish, whether a day job, a week, or longer, how do you stay stuck on the job and not get bored and restless over it?

Frank U.
If it’s long term, instead of looking at it as a task try looking at it as a goal or plan. Use the adjusting plans habit at the end of the day to slowly change your plan so that you can stay focused for the short while.
Alfreda Q.
I can only be forced by a deadline. Trying to learn here how to get started on simple things I dread like going through bills and mail, and washing dishes (because I almost always drop something and shatter ceramic of glass and end up with stitches).
Emmerich X.
Break it into bite-sizes chunks and try to get each “chunk” completed without worrying about the whole thing being overwhelming. Celebrate the small successes, and believe in yourself being capable of getting through it.
Elmar S.
Divide everything up into smaller tasks. You can then prioritize those tasks based on ease (easy to difficult), desire to accomplish (this is a fun task for me to I dread doing this), and priority (low to high). That way you can hop between tasks and vary what you’re working on to keep things fresh.
Isaac S.
the way that I attract all those kinds of tasks is to break them down into small pieces do one piece each day or more if I feel up to it and then give myself an appropriately-sized rewarded the end something I look forward to or take pictures of the job well done so I can feel good about what I've done
Louanne F.
I break everything down into smaller jobs. Need to tidy you house. Clean one room today and another tomorrow. 2lt of water a day, 4 glasses of 500ml in a day. For me it’s all about how I look at thinks. If it looks massive break it down to smaller bits that are easy to handle.

When it becomes a habit it doesn’t get boring, because it’s second nature. You just naturally do it.

Vanessa U.
I break it down into small steps and make a check list in my phone.
It makes me able to see my ongoing progress and not give up because it seems so big and/or long