How do you write a to-do list that is realistic?

Rudolph Q.
Organize your to do list into big tasks(going to work, school) and little tasks(scheduling appointments, answering email.) Typically I find it that I can only consistently get 2-3 big tasks a day. Smaller tasks can be grouped together and done largely in one sitting.

Susanne U.
For me, I write everything down that I need to get done and that I would like to get done. This list is usually very long. Then, I prioritize. Usually, appointments are at the top. Next, is everything that has to be done on that day. Perhaps that is a letter that has to be written and posted, giving my dogs medication or cleaning because we have a guest arriving the next day. The rest of my list is usually prioritized by how important it is to me that it gets done. For example, replacing a lightbulb that has been out for a while, shaving my legs 🤣, or organizing my child’s school things. Whatever doesn’t get completed gets pushed on my schedule to another day.

Chris F.
I don’t know. I’ve not been very successful writing a realistic to-do list. I just downloaded a new app but quite frankly I need help.

Susan S.
😎 well to start off you need to know roughly what you’re going to do throughout the day; for example: do the laundry,go out for coffee or make your bed. Put all these things to do in your to do list. You can either put all of your things to do in a order from most important to least important or you could put them in an order so that the first thing on your list is the first thing you’re going to do today or you could just put them on randomly if that’s what pleases you. At the end of my to do list I always put ‘make sure to have fun!’Because it gives it a Nice ending.