What to do items can you make into routines or habits instead?

Cindy E.
I begin my evening routine with 15 minutes of cleaning. The work and monotony allow me to get out any excess energy and nagging thoughts before my next task, which is yoga. 15 minutes is a small amount of time, but 15 minutes of focused energy gets an amazing amount done. If done every day, you may even get to a point where you're doing those cleaning tasks you never get around to doing. Or even reduce your time altogether. The more I invest in my routines, the more interest on my time I earn. How cool is that?
Sun I.
Hmmmm… cleaning some items… focusing on certain tasks etc.

Actually, most of my to do list items could actually form part of routines

Sayrel F.
Complete My day check list, because manytimes i put some important things that will be forget and if i Want to ho Up is better complete my priorities
Nadine M.
Waking up early, practicing gratitude, taking a shower, doing yoga, making a great breakfast, doing a skin care routine and listening to good music
Nathalie F.
Your to do list actually could be a daily routine. But that's all I can think off as most of my to dos are not repeating or only during certain times of semester